Jacket That Runs Small: Theory Bindi TS

On the heels on my outfit post with my white Theory Amanda B jacket, comes this little shrunken Theory jacket, in almost the exact same style and fit. Available in stores now, this little jacket is made of a stretch canvas, and is a very close fit. In size 00:

Petite Clothing Theory Bindi TS Jacket 00
My favorite of the bunch, in a seersucker stripe!

More colors after the jump.

This little jacket also comes in white, black, and khaki. On the Theory website, they carry navy, which I did not see in store.

Petite Clothing Theory Bindi TS Jacket 00
Petite Clothing Theory Bindi TS Jacket 00

I found these jackets in size 00 at both my local Theory store, and Bloomingdales department store. These jackets run a little less or more fitted depending on the fabric, for example, the white and black were a little stiffer, but the seersucker was a less stiff linen, so it lays a little flatter against my curves.

The sleeves could use a little shortening, but other than that, the jacket is a nice fit. Forgive the shift of the jacket as I raise my arm to take the photos. I promise the jacket fits better in a more natural stance.

You can save money on these jackets this week at the Bloomingdales Private Sale, which starts Tuesday. I was able to snag another jacket (which I will show after I get to pick it up Tuesday!) on pre-sale over the weekend, and was able to get at about 40% off the full retail price. Theory pieces are 15% off, and for every $100 you spend, you get $25 off. So, for a $365 Theory jacket, you can save about $130. If you open a Bloomingdales card (which I finally broke down and did), you can also save another 10%.

The Bloomingdales sale is also an opportunity to pick up this Ever silk skirt in size P.

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    Great finds! I do like that seersucker material! Theory sleeve lengths are strange…most of their regular cuts require sleeve shortening on me, but I've also found a few jackets on which the sleeve length was perfect. Although sleeves are easy to shorten, the alteration is so expensive…$20 to $25 at least! On the other hand, the "bracelet length" sleeves on the gratian jacket were a bit short. Can't wait to see what you ended up getting!

    I love the bloomies card..they send coupons and have extra sales, plus you get free shipping from other bloomingdales on stuff over $150 if your size is not in stock in store.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    PAG – Yeah, the sleeve lengths are wacky! The black and white jackets are a bit long, but the seersucker was bracelet length. And my Amanda B length was perfect! So weird.

    Glad to hear the Bloomies card is a good deal. I'm always so reluctant to open those store cards! But my sales associate was super nice over the weekend, so I didn't mind giving her the commission on opening up my card.

    Yup, I think it's supposed to rain through Thursday. I see a red burb in my near future.

  3. says: PetiteXXS

    I like the seersucker one alot for some reason… and the fit is so slim! Is that a red Mini mini I spot in the background? :)

  4. says: Alterations Needed

    Really Petite – I know! Blogging gets me in so much trouble. =P

    PetiteXXS – The seersucker is really slim, and so much fun! And, yup, that's a red Mini Mini you see…good eye! =)

  5. says: PetiteXXS

    I like the seersucker one alot for some reason… and the fit is so slim! Is that a red Mini mini I spot in the background? :)

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