Get Ready For Spring & Summer: Petite Strapless Bras

Spring is upon us…Summer is around the corner…and it’s almost time to pull those skimpy, floaty tops and dresses out of the closet. It’s also time to starting looking for what to wear under them.
Finding a well fitting strapless bra has been one of the most frustrating things for me to find. I’m a small band size, so the most frustrating thing for me has been finding a bra that doesn’t slip down my back every two seconds. But when you’re petite, you’re not just smaller around the rib cage, you also need cups that sit closer together than regular sized bras. That’s where petite bras come in.
Petite bras will be not just smaller, but the cups will also be placed closer together for a more flattering fit.
For ladies with a size 32 or above band size, there is this Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Petite strapless bra (appears to be no longer available):


For ladies with a size 30 band or below, there is the strapless bra I personally own, by The Little Bra Company:


I went several years without wearing a strapless bra because I was sick of tugging them back up all the time. This will be the first summer I can wear my thin strapped tops and dresses with an actual strapless bra that fits!

What’s your favorite petite friendly strapless bra?

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  1. says: CynthiaC

    I FLOVE TLBC! Unfortunately, one of the best-known bra boutiques here no longer carries them. They said that it didn't have a good fit. REALLY? Maybe you didn't realize that they fit smaller? Sorry…just a bit upset. I was able to find two in NYC that I will be wearing with my wedding gown!


  2. says: Jen

    I know this sounds hideous but I found my favorite strapless at target last summer. The only problem is that it only came in hideous, bright colors! I managed to find a nude with colored hearts all over it. LOL! But the cups are perfect and it has the rubbery part on the band to keep it slipping. It's the only strapless I've ever found in a 32A that fit my tiny boobies and gave me cleavage even without the straps!

  3. says: stylepint

    My fave has to be figleaves brand since they carry non-standard sizes and they're not too expensive. They fit great and they hold up throughout the day without sliding down. Figleaves has been the only place I can get reasonably priced bras since I realized that I'm a 30c/28d.

  4. says: PetiteXXS

    I've been wanting to try TLBC but for some reason haven't been able to pull the trigger to buy a bunch online to try on… probably because I really don't know what size I am… I don't even know where to start with all the different styles/sizes. I wear a 32 but have been suspecting I should be a 30.

    @Jen: What brand/style is the one you found from Target? I have a horrible time trying to find a strapless to fit my tiny boobies too :P

  5. says: Really Petite

    My fav strapless bra is the Calvin Klein nude! The 32 band fits really nice and doesn't slip! All of the CK bra's in 32 is very petite friendly :)

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    Jen – You're so tiny! I'm surprised a 32A fit you! If I'm a 30 band, I figured you'd at least be a 30 also. Those Target bras must run tiny.

    PetiteXXS – There are quite a few places in LA that carry them. You should call around and see if they have any in stock. I was planning to go to LuLu's in Manhattan Beach, but then ended up going to a sample sale where TLBC had a booth.

    Places that sell TLBC

  7. says: Jenn

    Do you know of any strapless bras in 30D without any padding whatsoever? Regular bras are hard enough for me to find, but strapless bras are a nightmare.

  8. says: Wendy

    I've been using a strapless I got at La Senza Girl (Tween store) for a while now. It has the rubbery grips so it doesn't slip, and actually fits pretty well.

    I've noticed that the cups at Aerie tend to be very close together. I'm petite, but I find them -too- close for me. They have "bra caddys" in all the sizes and styles available if you ask for them – they're nude coloured bras for the purpose of trying on fit. They carry AA's online, and they also have the AA's caddys. If you like a bra (AA's included!), they can ship it to your house for free (US), or for a fee (Canada).

    I'd love to try the TLBC though – I've been eyeing the Sasha on the site. There are only a few places in Toronto that carry it though, and all downtown. Plus, $60 seems a lot to be dropping on a bra for me. @__@

  9. says: Vix

    For Jenn —

    Nordstrom is going to be/just started carrying the *strapless* version of the Panache 'Porcelain' Underwire Bra. I don't see it live on their site yet.

    The regular starts at 30DD (recs–mine included–are to go up a cup in this brand/style, so since you're a 30D I'd try the DD); I assume the strapless sizing will be consistent.

    It's molded T-shirt style so I know some consider that "padded," but unless you just hate molded cups it may be worth considering. As you note, the pickings are slim.

  10. says: CynthiaC

    @Wendy: TLBC is NOT just in downtown TO. Far from it, actually! The only store they have listed that is downtown is Secrets from Your Sister, and to my understanding, they are no longer carrying TLBC (they said that it didn't fit well for most people). Beestung is at Yonge and Eglinton and I'm pretty sure Melmira Swim is Yonge and York Mills. Those stores are NOT downtown.

  11. says: Wendy

    Nooo, I was hoping to go to Secrets from Your Sister :( I'm pretty much never near Younge & Eglinton or Younge & York Mills. (They're pretty far from the Kennedy&Steeles area I reside in) I guess I'll have to find an excuse to go :) Thanks for the info !

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