Petite Outfit: Using a Wrap Top As a Belt

I love hourglass silhouettes, so when I saw this photo in the March Lucky Magazine, it caught my attention right away.

The full skirt…the cozy sweater…the belted waist…I love it all. But I did a double take on the belt…is that the same fabric as the top? Why, yes, yes it is…how’d they do that?

So I read the caption and guess what! It’s a wrap top! The stylists took the long ties of a wrap top and used them as a belt around the sweater! Genius!

For someone who has an awful time finding small waist belts, but a closet full of wrap tops and dresses, this discovery had me jumping for joy. So, of course I had to give it a try.

Jeans: Paige Laurel Canyon, McKinley Wash, size 24 (hemmed & waist taken in)
Shoes: Cole Haan Suede Almond Toe Pump, size 5 (similar here) (and here)
Necklace: Long Pearl and Chain necklace wrapped twice

I think I need more practice at this to figure out how to wrap it better, but for now I was able to wrap the ties of the top around the sweater and tie them in the back in a little bow. I want to try and figure out how to wrap it so they tie in the front, like the Lucky Magazine photo when I have a little more time.

Either way, it’s an interesting solution to trying to find tiny waist belts.


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