Petite Outfit: Ever Stillwater Skirt Part Deux

A big thank you to Wendy for her styling suggestion back in this post. I never would have thought to pair these together!

Handbag: Chanel M/L Classic Flap, Fall 2009 Red
Necklaces: Pearl: handmade by me, Ruby: vendor at a sample sale
What a sophisticated Spring outfit! The blue of the shirt and green of the skirt actually look really crisp together. And I knew reds would mix well with the skirt since red and green are complementary colors, but I just couldn’t get it right before.
I love long necklaces right now. They add a great lengthening effect to my outfits that is so important for petite ladies. These are nice because they’re dainty and easily layered. The rubies add a nice pop of color to the top and helps to better integrate the reds in the rest of my outfit. The pearl necklace I made about a year ago. It’s by no means professionally done at all, and catches on my hair all the time so it’s a pain to wear. I had a broken pearl necklace laying around, and I felt the need for a long, dainty necklace, so I tried my hand at wire wrapping. I nearly killed the feeling in my finger tips, and my eyesight doing it, but not too bad for a first timer huh?
And there goes that red Chanel handbag again. I know, you must be thinking, “doesn’t she have any other handbags besides that one?” I do…but this color is so versatile (I tend to consider red a neutral), and I love the bag so much, that I find every excuse to wear it.
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  1. says: Alterations Needed

    Jen – I got mine at the Chanel boutique at the Wynn, in Las Vegas. The Vegas boutiques tend to get stocked with all the cool colors b/c they expect a lot of tourist traffic.

    Sandy – Thanks! I can't take credit for it, because this is something I never would have thought to put together myself. =)

  2. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    I really love this outfit….makes me re-think button ups! I loathe them on me, but yours has such a feminine twist and your tailor did a good job.

    And that Chanel … sigh. This is why I am so determined to find the exact one I want. I just know that I will wear it with everything like you do, making it worth the price!

  3. says: shoeshopper

    Yes, Nukem is right. If I had a Chanel bag, I would carry it everyday too. :) Love the necklaces and the outfit! So cute.

  4. says: Anonymous

    You have put together so many chic outfits! This one is not my favourite.
    It is little girlie. I love the way you do feminine (without looking girlie) looks, love more saturated colours on you and NOT tucked in looks.
    It is just personal opinion expressed with LOVE. I love what you do.

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