Review: Banana Republic Shirred Top (PXXS) and Textured Jacket (P00)

Some Banana Republic goodies arrived! I had my eye on these items, and finally snagged them with a coupon code and free shipping on my Banana Card.

First up, the shirred top in size Petite XXS:

This top is actually pretty cute, and I was surprised to find it has a small metal washer sewn into the fabric at the neckline to help it drape correctly. Nice attention to detail BR! The fabric is nice and soft, but from past experiences, I know it’s also prone to pilling. I’m not too keen on the purple color, but the black might be pretty versatile. With some dangly earrings and bracelets, it could turn into a cute going out top. Or it could be layered under a jacket:

Next up…the Classic Textured Jacket in size P00:

The description on this jacket said it is “fitted”, but on me it’s a little boxy. I really liked the fabric and details, and was really hoping the cut would work for me, but I do not pull off boxy jackets well at all! Oh well. It’s probably for the better because I really don’t need another jacket.
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  1. says: Anonymous

    very nice outfits!
    May I give you a little advice?
    I think it would be better if you keep your head on your photos, in order to appreciate the overall look. Use an blur or a pixelisation effect on your face to remain anonymous. Just try ;) Thank you.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Hmmm…maybe I'll play around in Photoshop a bit. An issue also is there is not much room in my makeshift "photo studio", so sometimes my head just gets cut off in photos in general.

  3. says: Anonymous

    I really like how the shirred tops go with the jacket. I think they're great for the office and provide a great work to night look by just taking off the jacket.

  4. says: petiteshopper

    Ah, that's too bad the jacket didn't work for you! It looks like it is just a bit too big on you. It is a shame that they don't cut the sizes a little smaller.

  5. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    I like the shirred top … looks like it actually fits you which means it will be snug on me : ) Too bad about the pill-able fabric. My AT ruffled tank is already starting to pill!

    And that jacket … eek, so boxy. Fits just like the BR ruffled trim cardigan did on you.

  6. says: Nukem

    I love the shirred top! But I agree, I hate that knits get so pilly quickly, and I love wearing knits!
    Boo on the jacket. I do agree on the boxy look. I returned my P2 but they didn't even have the jacket in the store yet so I couldn't get a P0, now I may just say forget it, there are probably better jackets out there.

  7. says: CynthiaC

    You know what's interesting? I bought the shirred top today too (but in PSX, since XXS doesn't exist in stores (at least not in Canada)). I really like it and will post pictures in Shorty Stories soon.

  8. says: Alterations Needed

    Petiteshopper – It's amazing when even P00 is too big isn't it? Sizing is wacky.

    PetiteAsianGirl – Oh no! Not the AT ruffled tank! I never picked it up, but I loved it on you! I hate pilling! Have you tried a sweater shaver on it? I've prolonged the life of some of my pilling tops by shaving the pills off them.

    Nukem – Yeah, the jacket is cute, but if the right fit is hard to find, I'm sure we can find something better in the near future. You know what that means? More shopping!

    CynthiaC – Can't wait to see it on you!

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