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UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated in the AN Forum community! It was a bright, kind, and vibrant community and I couldn’t have asked for a better community to serve! Unfortunately, the maintenance on the forum became too cumbersome (spammers and constant updates were a huge problem), and fortunately, many more petite-centric communities, bloggers and resources started to become available, so the AN Forum wasn’t as necessary as it was when we started. Thank you again, and happy shopping! =)        – Kelly

Hands down, the best thing about writing this blog has been the community of readers that have grown around and supported it. When I first started this little blog, my only hope was that someone out there in internet-land would find it and get some ideas about where to shop. I had no idea it would be welcomed by so many people, nor did I expect the overwhelming response of readers with their own experiences and suggestions. You ladies have been great, and improving this little blog and the community around it has recently become my passion.

I try my best to answer all the questions from readers, but I am only one person, with a limited budget, and limited time allotment, so I don’t have all the answers. However, I think we can build a community that does. All of us have an incredible collective of knowledge that needs to be utilized and shared. The blog format is not a very good way to share knowledge, as so many of you lovely readers leave advice and questions in comments that are hard to find, or go unread. Add to this the difficulty of predicting good fit when special sizes are offered only online, and the notorious inaccuracy of online sizing charts…it’s easy to see we need a better resource.

So…with a little supportive coaxing (and IT support) from friends and family…I’ve put together a community for all of us to share our adventures in fashion, style, and fit.

I’m kicking it off with only one forum for now called “The Fitting Room”…and we will see how it will evolve from there. You’re all invited to visit…register…and join the conversation. Help create a great resource for women to build their wardrobes and look fantastic!

I also encourage everyone who registers to add their stats (height – weight – shoe size – etc.) to their signature, so other women can get insight into what might work for them, by what works for you.

Visit the Alterations Needed Forum:
Thank you everyone! And as always…please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason:
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  1. says: oldfashioned

    Thanks for putting this together – I am glad that the countless hours we all spend in dressing rooms and scouring websites can go to good use! Love the blog too.

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