Petite Outfit: LOFT Sweater, Vintage Belt, and Squeaky Shoes…

When this sweater first popped up on the LOFT website, I didn’t think much of it. But when I saw it in the wild over the weekend at my local LOFT store, it was actually really cute! It’s not super fitted, and it’s a little longer than I usually wear, but it’s nice and cozy, and the ribbon detail along the button placket is a really great detail. I tend to gravitate towards dark, saturated colors, so this light blueish silver is a nice change from my usual palette.

Top: H&M, size XS

Shoes: Cole Haan Carma Open Toe Pump, size 5

 I first tried this sweater with a skirt, but the length was all wrong. It looks great with my dark wash bootcut jeans, so I think I’ll be sticking to this combination for a while. The belt is a vintage snake skin belt that my mom found in a thrift store decades ago. She’s also really petite, so she had to punch a few extra holes in it so it would fit her waist. She dug it out of a box recently and passed it on to me…and the waist holes she punched were perfect! I just tucked the extra length back under the belt so it wouldn’t flap around.
On a slightly sad note, my dark red Cole Haan shoes are dying a slow death. They have taken to producing a sticky/squeaky noise whenever I take a step, and have gotten to be rather embarrassing to wear in public. No one wants to be the girl that squeaks when she walks, so now I’m in the market for a new pair. Not sure if I’ll just try and hunt down the same shoes, or go for something a little different. I just love them so much and am reluctant to think about replacing them.
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  1. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi TravelMama! These have already come back from a shoe repair shop, and are still squeaking. I'll probably take them back one more time before completely giving up on them. =(

  2. says: lafemmepetiteetbelle

    I love the cardigan and the styling! It's such a great example of easy chic. Your blog is a constant source of inspiration.

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