Barney’s Warehouse Sale: Feb. 2010

Barney’s Warehouse sale is coming to town again! Here are the dates for this month:

Los Angeles:
Feb. 4 – Feb. 15, 2010
Los Angeles Convention Center
Downtown LA
New York:
Feb. 11 – Feb. 28, 2010
236 W. 18th Street
Like always, expect best merchandise selection in the first few days of the sale…and for prices to slowly drop as the sale goes on. And it’s best to wear tights and/or a skirt in case you need to try something on in the middle of the madness. Last year, LA had a changing room, but I’ve heard NY does not.

I’m so excited! I feel a sudden sick day coming on…probably on Feb. 4th…*fake cough*

For full info from the Barney’s website…click here.


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