To Keep Or Not To Keep…

Okay ladies, I need your help. I’m torn on this top, and I need outside opinions to help me decide if I should keep it.
I usually stick to basics when it comes to H&M (their basic t-shirts and tanks are great!), but I saw this top and just couldn’t make up my mind about it. I liked this top for two reasons. It has a really interesting roll neck detail that I thought might be a nice sophisticated touch to an outfit, and it’s 100% silk.
So, here’s my dilemma. The top in size 2 (the smallest size at H&M) is still too big! And I just don’t want to invest the money in this cheap top to alter it. H&M silks are not the best quality, and because I only paid $30 for it, I don’t want to add another $25 to the cost of this top with alterations.
When worn by itself, the top is obviously too big. If I were to keep it, I couldn’t wear it by itself.

But…when I put a sweater over it, it looks kinda cute.

Top: H&M, size 2
Jeans: Paige Laurel Canyon in McKinley, size 24 (hemmed & waist taken in)
Sweater: Line Cashmere/Wool Lace Panel Cardigan, size XS

So…do I keep this $30 silk top, when I can only wear it under a sweater? Is it even cute enough to justify keeping? Or should I return it and use my $30 on something better? Help!

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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    omigosh – I just had an eerily similar debate myself on an H&M 100% silk blouse! I returned it, and I vote no keep on this one. As tempting as it is to get it altered…$50 something on an H&M blouse that might not turn out perfectly after alterations is too much.

    But if you really love the look, go for it. Maybe I'm just biased after seeing the poll results on how much I supposedly spend on my monthly wardrobe! I probably drop $100 a month on alterations alone, so I've gotta cut back and only tailor stuff of great quality : X

  2. says:

    Return. It doesn't have anything "special" going on, even with the sweater over it. I am sure you, like myself, already have some boxy, big, flowy top in your wardrobe that you can achieve this same look with without spending a dime. Take it back! :) That is what I would want you to tell me.

  3. says: Anonymous

    Keep it. It looks good with the sweater (don't you always wear sweaters anyway?). Also, did you try a belt? I bet a nice belt would do the trick.

  4. says: Anonymous

    I have a lot of tops that I only ever wear with a layer over it. I think it's a more interesting look to layer clothing. With that said, I live in a cooler clime – can wear a layer 9 months out of 12, and even indoors in summer (AC- bbrrrr). But if you live in a place with warm and hot weather year-round, and a layer just isn't practical, then pass on this one.

    Love your blog!

  5. says: Anonymous

    I would return it, I bet if you wait long enough, BR or Ann Taylor may come out with something similar, that is of better quality, and maybe even small enough not to need alterations!

  6. says: Jennifer

    It's cute, but doesn't scream anything special at me. I'd say keep it if you know how to sew yourself, as you could probably take in some of the darts easily for a better fit, but if you can't sew and need to spend more money at a tailor, return it. I have way too many clothes I can't wear because I said, "Hey, it's cheap, it doesn't matter that it doesn't fit right." …and now
    I have a closet full of clothes, and nothing that fits! (I know how to sew.)

  7. says: Jennifer

    Btw, I love that you include the info for all the clothes you wear in your pictures. I was gonna ask the designer for those jeans (so cute!) and then I saw you already listed it!

  8. says: stylepint

    Return it. It's not worth altering and it's better to get something you absolutely love instead of something you like under certain conditions.

  9. says: Jen

    I know I'm too late, but I wanted to contribute the same. It's best to keep a wardrobe that you LOVE, otherwise you won't grab for that item to wear much. Less wear = less worth it. :)

  10. says: Anonymous

    In my experience, clothes that aren't quite right, whether fit, color or something else, rarely get worn because you don't feel great in them. I vote return and save the money for something you love.

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