Small Shoe Sizes: Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills

Along with my weekend discovery that Prada size 36 runs small…I unearthed a wonderful source of small sized shoes in the Los Angeles area…Neiman Marcus! I have never seen so many size 34’s and 34.5’s just sitting there on shelves…begging for a new home. I was like a kid in a candy store, trying on everything on display (because stores always put the “cute” small shoe sizes on display shelves).
While the full retail shoes were overflowing with small shoes sizes, the sale rack was also gleefully representing us small ladies. Lots of great designer brands at serious discounts were to be had. From Christian Louboutin, to Prada, to the Neiman Marcus house brand, I was running around stuffing my feet into anything that would fit. And now, for my new prized possessions…found on the Neiman Marcus sale rack… size 34.5 Manolo Blanik tweed stilettos!!!

I first saw these bad boys at a few months back and fell in love. First of all, they’re tweed, which has such a magnetic force on me, it’s scary! Secondly, they have this weird prim schoolmarm thing that just really does it for me. I’m usually not a pointy toe shoe kind of girl, but as soon as I tried these on, I got the biggest smile on my face and I just couldn’t hold their pointyness against them. Seriously…how freakin’ great are these!?

If you’re looking for a designer shoe in a small shoe size, I would definitely suggest you think about giving the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus a call. I was really amazed to see so many small sizes available in popular designers and styles.

And if you are interested in the Manolo’s, they are available here in size 35.5, or give Neiman Marcus customer service a call, as they might be able to track down a pair in the store system for you. These run about 1/2 a size big, as I’m usually a size 35, and the 34.5 in this style fit me perfectly.

Happy New Year, and may 2010 be filled with beautiful shoes!

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