Petite Shopping Links: 1/29/10


  • Actually after seeing that top on PAG I may see I can find one too! I'm always cautious about ruffles and things because I don't want to get anything overwhelming but that top looks nice, not too much ruffle lol

  • Jackie –
    I know! Isn't it cute on her? I just need to decide which color I want…I don't usually like pastel colors on me, so I might go for either the black or white.

    Welcome! Thanks for the blog love!

  • Why, oh why do I look when I'm dead broke right now? (Too many hauls.) :)

    I was actually looking at this last week in Surf Foam! I just wonder how it would look on fair NW10-15 skin, considering the Soft Pewter looks so much lighter in photos?

    I've asked this at Petite Asian Girl too, but do you know if Ann Taylor does in-store ordering for XXS sizes? Mine never carries it in store. Do they give you free shipping or allow you to use store-only coupons, if so?.

  • cute top ! ruffles are always a cute pick. so i just read the side of your blog and you really are petite !! omg. i thought i was petite at 5'1 107 lbs but you win ! buying clothes must be such a hassle. even for me i have trouble, but you're wayyy tinier than me

    xx lue

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