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I bet this cropped trench would look really great on a petite woman. And size 2 is still available online. Pictured. (Nordstrom)
Another great cropped Burberry. Don’t forget Burberry boutiques do free alterations. (Burberry)
I love these tweed Manolo Blahniks, but I think pointy heels look funny on me. Maybe someone else can snatch these up so I can live vicariously through you. (Footcandy)
Speaking of tweed shoes…I really wish these flats came in size 5. You size 6 girls are so lucky! (J. Crew)
These, however, are not tweed, but do some in a size 5…and boy are they fun! (J. Crew)
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  1. says: Anonymous

    You look great in the outfit. Looks like it came out of a 'petite' fashion magazine. There is an idea if anyone has a business ambition and wants to help the rest of the pack become fashionistas. Of course, you would promise that you will use petite models. I'm a 37-year-old mom to an adorable 5-year-old son, 5'2" with a tiny frame, 98 lbs, size 5 shoes. Like you all, I'm so tired of searching for the right fit for a long long time and throughout my career. The 'petite' issue sometimes is a disadvantage to my career because people think I look too young for the job and I tried many times to make it up by dressing up but clothes are hard to find, especially suits. One time out of desperation I paid $500 for a suit just to look sharp at an interview- Thank God I got the job. It got even harder after the baby because my hips got a little wider, butt became more bubbly, but my waist is still small. Pants that fit my waist are too tight for my butt and hips, and the ones that fit the hips would be too loose on the waist. Sounds familar? Thanks for listening :)
    I love this blog and will check out the other blogs too. I just checked out the Ann Taylor sale on line and the selection for Petite 00 are so limited. Ended up with nothing after seeing how disappointed you were with your recent Ann Taylor purchases. Thanks for saving me a trip to the mall.

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