Petite Outfit: Fun With the Theory Gratian Jacket

Usually, when I put up pictures of items I’ve found or bought, I throw them on with whatever I happened to be wearing that day. It’s hard to style an outfit when I’m tired and hungry from being at work all day, so the majority of my “damn, I look cute today” outfits are on the weekends.
I love seeing other people’s personal style, and I also really enjoy seeing what other people who are about my size are buying and wearing. I’ve wanted to start doing outfit posts for a while now, so here’s my first attempt.

Here is an outfit I put together over the weekend when I was going to a friend’s dinner party. I love this Theory jacket!

Top: H&M T-shirt, size XS
Jeans: Paige Premium Denim Laurel Canyon, size 24 (hemmed and waist taken in)
Necklaces: Honora Pearls and Jet Beads (similar pearls) (similar jet beads)
Shoes: Cole Haan Grey Suede Almond Toe Pumps, size 5
Bag: Chanel M/L Classic Flap, A09 Red (similar here) (and here)
This jacket is a bit hard to find in size 00. I ended up paying full price (Yipes!), but Petite Asian Girl just put up a post last week where she found it at Bloomingdales and used a bunch of coupons to get it for a great price! See her post here.


The lighting in my room really sucks, and I just got a new camera that I’m figuring out, but I promise to get better at this stuff!
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  1. says: PetiteAsianGirl

    This jacket is screaming for a flower pin and I love that you paired it with some color. I popped into AT Loft last weekend just to get one and of course all flower pins were sold out!

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