Jacket That Runs Small: Banana Republic Velvet Blazer in Petite 00

When I first saw this little velvet blazer on the Banana Republic website, I thought it had the potential to look really cute on a petite woman. The clues that gave it away were the close, cropped fit on the model, which is usually a good indication that it will fit nice on someone my size.

While holiday shopping, I stumbled upon it in my local BR, and even though I was not supposed to be shopping for myself, I felt it was my duty to report on the matter, and just had to try it on.

Ok, that’s not entirely true…I was elated to try it on…man, I love shopping!

On me in size Petite 00:

I know, I know, the picture is terrible, but bear with me. Why don’t they install photography studio lighting in fitting rooms? They really should don’t you think?

Back to the subject at hand…I thought the jacket could use a little tailoring along the sides, but I could probably get away without it. If you’re even a tiny bit bigger than I am, it should fit you really well. Looking at the picture, the sleeves appear to need to be taken up just a smidge, but then again, it might just be due to the angle I’m standing. The best part is the length. It’s nice and short, which means it stops around the top of my hips…which just so happens to be a very flattering place for jackets to hit.

It’s actually a really cute seasonal jacket that would add a nice, sophisticated polish to an outfit. I considered buying it, but $152 was a bit much for an item I don’t really need. It has since gone on sale, but not quite low enough for me to justify just yet. If I can get a really good deal on it, I might pick it up. But in the meantime, if anyone is in the market for a sophisticated little velvet blazer, you should definitely check it out!
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  1. says: Nukem

    That is very cute! I must stop buying jackets though. I bought the Theory Gratian jacket after seeing it on you (love love). And I just picked up this one at WHBM (last one in my local store in 00, Chloe Conspiracy has this in her blog, another love love love!) and it was only 70 bucks.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Nukem: You got the WHBM jacket Chloe has? You lucky girl! I've been drooling over that one too. I just haven't had a chance to hit up a WHBM in a while. I'm so jealous! =)

  3. says: RTM

    Hi there! I found your blog through PetiteAsianGirl's. I just got this jacket literally an hour ago for add'tl 30% off the sale price of $109. At only $76 bucks it was definitely a good deal and I like it for the same reason you do, that it hits at a flattering spot on the upper hip. I'm more voluptuous than you at 5'3-1/2" & 120 lbs so the size 4 regular fit me perfectly. Great blog, keep up the good work. Oh, and happy new year from a fellow blogger! :)

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