Adventures in Alterations: Taking in the Waist on a Pair of Pants

These LOFT petite pants in size petite 00 were too big in the waist, but I loved them so much, I took them to my tailor to get the waist taken in. Taking in the waist on a pair of pants is a very common alteration, and I have to get it done pretty often.
Women who have a small waist, but amble hips, often come across this problem. In this case, pants that fit in the hips are often too big in the waist, leaving that annoying gap at the back of the pant. Of course, tiny petite women come across this problem because our waists are often smaller than the smallest pant size measurements for most brands.
Here are my pants before alterations. They fit everywhere else except in the waist, which was sticking out pretty far, instead of laying flat against my lower back.
Before Alterations
Here the pants are after alterations:
Top: H&M T-shirt, size 2
Necklaces: Honora Pearls (similar here) and Charter Club Jet Stone Strand (similar here) 
Shoes: Cole Haan Carma Open Toe Air Pump, size 5
Cost of alteration: $25

The pants are fully lined, which usually costs a little more than a pair of unlined pants, so keep that in mind when taking a pair of pants to your tailor.

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  1. says: Anonymous

    They really do look good – you have a great tailor! And you taught me to look beyond the big waistband…there's hope if it fits otherwise! :-)

  2. says: amanda

    Thank you! I went and found these pants at my local Loft and found them in 00P, and I too am in love with them!!! They will have to be altered in the waist just like yours, but elsewhere I couldn't ask for a better length to wear with heels, a nice trim leg line, and such a good feel to the fabric. Love your posts, keep em' coming! They really help me steer in a good direction b/c you are so similar to me. I just have to find an alterations person! The rural area I live in make it difficult to check out everything you post, but we do have a Loft!

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Amanda,
    I'm glad you were able to find the pants. Aren't they great? Good luck finding a tailor, it's one of the best things you'll ever do for your closet! Enjoy!

  4. says: valeria

    I got a suit from Nine West, the jacket fit perfectly but same problem with the waist and the lenght of the legs too :( I do not have a tailor (or much money) so I took them to a taylor inside Burlington Coat Factory in Silver Spring Maryland. He is Awesome! and great price too (the pants are also lined). My friends could not tell they were altered. My advice, look for pants with straight legs since they will hide alterations better. Personally I hate those expensive suits with wide thighs that end in narrow ankles.

  5. says: Ann

    I am a former seamstress and have done many pant alterations. One more thing that yours could have done to eliminate the bulk in your thighs in back was to open the inner seam between the crotch and knee and bring that back thigh in, tapering from crotch to knee.

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