Accessories to Spice Up a Wardrobe: Flower Brooches

Fall makes me want to layer tons of things all over myself…colors, textures, camisoles, sweaters, vests, jackets, jewelry…sometimes all at the same time. I have to stop myself, because, as a tiny petite woman, too much is easily overwhelming. My new favorite sweater and jacket accessory is a fun brooch. Pinned on a jacket lapel or sweater front, it’s a fun way to add some detail and color to an outfit. As with most things, I start out small, and then over time get brave enough to go a little bigger. My brooches were all little dainty things, but then I found this awesome, big, flower brooch at White House | Black Market, and now I can’t stop thinking about them.

I love the idea of a statement brooch. I especially love the size. It’s big enough to grab attention and be a fun accessory, but I still feel comfortable wearing it. Use one in a highly contrasting color to add interest to what would otherwise be a boring outfit.

Sweater: Aqua Cashmere Cardigan, size XS
Top: H&M, size XS

Other amazing pins I’m pondering (do I really need more of these? I think I do!):

Chanel White Covered Knit Camelia Brooch, $599.99 (the ultimate flower brooch! Yum…Chanel!)

I could go on and on…so many great ideas!

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  1. says: Sara

    J.Crew has some cute flower and feather broaches that have both a pin and and a bobby pin attachment–so that you can wear them in your hair or pinned to your clothing.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Sara,
    I just checked the J.Crew site and you're right! Those are super cute!

    Hi Lauren,
    I like that it's velvet…what a cool holiday texture!

  3. says: sheva

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