Obsession: Grey Suede Shoes

I bought my Cole Haan grey suede pumps earlier this year, and they’ve sat mostly unworn because I was waiting until Fall to bust them out. Now that the weather has started to cool down, these babies have proved their worth as an investment, as I’ve somehow found a way to wear them with EVERYTHING! 

Suede is such a great texture to add to your outfit, and goes great with the cashmeres and silks of Fall/Winter. Grey is also a great color because it’s a much more interesting neutral than black. These blend with grey work slacks, which does that whole leg lengthening effect when your pants match your shoes. When I wear jeans, I love a pop of color in my shoes, and the light grey against dark denim is a “poppy” way to do a neutral. Can you tell I’m in love with these shoes?

Cole Haan grey suede pumps, size 5 (Size 5 still available here)

Now that I’m madly in love with my grey suede shoes, I can’t help but fall in love with every pair I see. I have to stop myself every time I see a pair and remind myself I already have some! Here’s some awesome ones I’ve found:

  For size 5 and above girls:

For size 4 and above girls:

This one isn’t suede, but it’s moc croc, which is also a great texture to have on your feet, adding interest to an outfit. Maybe I can get away with multiple grey shoes if I add these to my wardrobe...hmmm.

And for the flat lover…

Steven by Steve Madden “Blend” Wedge Slip-on, $89.95
Just make sure to spray your suede shoes with suede protector before you debut them to the world. It will repel dirt and water marks, and will make it easier to clean your shoes if you do get them dirty. I sprayed the hell out of my shoes when I first got them, and they still look great!
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  1. says: Anonymous

    I love the way you approach neutrals when accessorizing. Gray is oh so chic. Since these shoes are for everyday (not special occasion) wear, the very first pair seems to be the best combination of comfort, style, and reasonable price tag for a quality heels and has timeless and aesthetically pleasing toe style.

  2. says: Liane

    I just grabbed that last pair of of size 5 Cole Haan shoes, even though i normally wear a 5.5 (although my heels are always slipping out of pumps so may be I AM a 5). i'm such a sucker for pretty shoes! I don't really need another pair, but I found a couple of DSW coupon codes (SHOP10 and ACTNOW) which gave me another $20 off and free shipping and that sealed the deal!

  3. says: caini

    I think your selection of high heels are very good. It's not that easy buying high heels when you're a petite. I'm not talking about the size, but the design of the shoes.

    I don't have much trouble buying shoes, because where I live the quality and the price are good, and available in small sizes. It's not hard to find 3/5, 4 sizes here (my shoe size is 5/5 so my feet aren't exactly small). I have an asian american friend and shes a petite even shorter than me. She came here to Rio and bought lots of shoes!!

    So, I think it's easy to buy shoes over here but it's hard to find boots. They tend to be too high and the calfs are always too large, so they make my legs look shorter and skinny, exactly what I don't need.

    Oh and some kinds of high heels are just too big. I mean too "big", not too high. It's like some kind of heels aren't appropriate for tiny women, so they make me look like I'm a child wearing high heels, or make me look like I'm walking on stilts..hehehe. I always tend to choose some more "delicate" heels, like the ones you show on your entry.

  4. says: RunningOnCoffee

    I love Cole Haan shoes, but they are so pricey! I'd buy more if my budget allowed. The Ann Taylor Perfect Pump is a cute, comfortable style too — I have picked it up on sale in 2 colors. Suede is tricky where I live (in the northeast) when it can be so wet/rainy in the fall and then the snow comes Nov-March.

  5. says: Jess

    I checked out the DSW site that you linked too. Wow, I never heard of the site before but the discounts are huge! I am seeing a Bottega Veneta Plaid Pump that is 99 dollars and is comparable to 580. If they had my size I would buy them! Does the site sell legit stuff? That's such a crazy price drop *drool*

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    Jess – Yup, DSW is a legit site. They started as brick and mortar stores that sell close out and overstock shoes. Their online store is new, and amazing! I've found a lot of good deals there, but the sizes are limited.

  7. says: Hoka Shoes

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