Belts for Tiny Waists: Moss Mills

I‘ve secretly been in love with the belts from Moss Mills for a while now, but haven’t been brave enough to drop the money on one. However, this promotion in the November issue of Lucky Magazine might change my mind:

30% off everything at Moss Mills with code: luckybreaks7

I love these belts because they’re adjustable! Just pull the end of the leather belt until it fits your tiny waist, and you have an instant petite sized waist belt. The buckles are really fun, and would add great detail belted over a basic dress, or around a long sweater with a pair of jeans. Each buckle is available in different metals, so whether you’re a gold girl or stick to silver, you get your pick of either. You can also pick your leather belt color, and if you take a look at their options, it can be a bit overwhelming. Too many to choose just one! My favorite are the double buckle belts.

Moss Mills also carries really cute jewelry in fun designs. Check out the Moss Mills site and don’t forget the 30% off code!

They also have a store in Los Angeles on W. 3rd Street. I can’t wait to check it out!

Moss Mills
8403 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
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  1. says: PerfectJeanie

    If you like tweed, here's something else to add to your "try" list:

    I had pretty much given up on BR petite sizing and it's awful fit, until I tried on this skirt today. The 00p was too small for me! Had to size up to a 0, and the fit was amazing with no alterations needed! I am 93 lbs, 5 ft tall, so I have a feeling this skirt in 00p would be a great fit on you. I loved it so much (well made, heavy zipper) I went home and ordered it online in both colors with the 25% off discount.

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