Tiny Cashmere: Aqua

Aqua is a Bloomingdales house brand that sometimes runs pretty small, and is geared toward a teenage/early 20’s market. It’s cheaper than other Bloomingdales brands, and is cut to fit a slimmer frame. I usually walk right past the Aqua department because the fabric contents are less than what I’m looking for, but I got sucked into their cashmere department over the weekend and found this little number. Look at how cropped and shrunken it looks on this tall model!

And here it is on 4’11” me in size XS! I love cropped silhouettes, they usually fit me normally! This sweater has a more relaxed fit, but I’m sure it’ll shrink a little bit when I wash and hang dry it, which should make it a bit more fitted. If you have a longer torso, then this sweater might be a bit short, but it’s worth a look!

Aqua Cashmere Cardigan in size XS

This sweater also fit pretty small, but was not my particular taste, so I don’t have any fit modeling pictures.

This sweater was too baggy on me, but if you’re about 1 size bigger than I am, it should be a great fit and comes in a variety of colors. I wish it fit smaller because I’d love to stock up on cashmere cardigans in every color!

Aqua Cashmere Basic Buttoned Cardigan, $138, bloomingdales.com

Don’t expect Aqua cashmere to be the best cashmere in the world, but it’s an opportunity to pick up sweaters in trendy cuts and colors. Bloomingdales has free shipping everyday on orders of $150 or more, and free in-store returns.
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  1. says: ghettoflower

    That cardigan looks so cute on u!!! I luv reading ur blog it's such a great resource for us little girls :) look forward to more!!! I was wondering if u could maybe sometime if u have a chance help me out with some info on BEBE size xxs stuff? I really wanna know if the sizing is ok since I remember the xs used to still be too big for me a few years back and I never tried them again!

    Kimi xoxo

  2. says: Lauren

    have you tried alice & olivia? I am small and have found some cute dresses that fit- it was in a petite store despite that they are not specifically petite sizes.

  3. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi ghettoflower – Thanks for the kind words! I also haven't been in a BEBE store in years! When I get a chance I'll check it out.

    Hi Lauren – I always see Alice & Olivia stuff but haven't tried them on. I'll check them out next time I'm out shopping. Thanks for the tip!

  4. says: Anonymous

    I want to compliment you on your website because it is truly outstanding. Petite shopping is a lonely, often frustrating struggle. You are up-beat, energetic and don't give up in your quest for size and quality. Bravo. I'm the one who ordered the sweaters, by the way.

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