More Petite Sized Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini Bags

The Rebecca Minkoff online shop recently opened, and because I’m obsessed with the Mini Mini, I took a peak to see if anything awesome was available. Sure enough, this Croc Mini Mini quickened my heart rate. What a beautiful shade of grey, and the croc embossed leather adds great texture and a bit of lux to an outfit. It’s available for pre-order, in limited quantities.

I got a few questions about my Red Berry Mini Mini, and even though I can’t seem to find the same color online, I found this equally beautiful one. This color is called “Plum” and looks like a great neutral purplish red. I love pairing this color with navys and greys.

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  1. says: Jackie

    I love that Plum bag! I think I may wanna look for a bag that's that color next =D Hey, I just thought of something if you're up to it!

    Where on earth can a super petite girl find a gorgeous lady-like hat that fits? I have always wanted one and it seems like there aren't any that fit a smaller head, you see my problem with this? I thought if anyone could find petite sized hats, you could.

  2. says: PerfectJeanie

    I found the perfect small satchel w/convertible strap bag for me today … the Marc Jacobs "Little Lola" (comes in red and purple)! I've always been a fan of MJ bags but they are huge and usually overwhelm petite frames. I regretted not getting the "kid stam" when it came out and can't find it anywhere now.

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