Adventures In Alterations: InStyle Magazine Article About Tailoring…And It Features My Tailor!

*Update* I found the full article! Click here to read the whole thing on the Instyle website.

The InStyle magazine Makeover issue on newsstands now has a cool feature on tailoring different garments. It shows before and after photos of garments needing tailoring, and explains some of the most common alterations. The best part is…my tailor, Marina Interlandi, here in Los Angeles was consulted as an expert for the feature!

Alterations Needed: Tailoring and Alterations TipsAlterations Needed: Tailoring and Alterations TipsAll images: Instyle Magazine, Makeover, Fall 2009

Click the pictures for a larger view. Check out the InStyle Makeover Fall 2009 issue for the rest of the article. It’s a great visual resource for people who find themselves needing a lot of things tailored! 

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