Jeans that Run Small: Ksubi

I remember reading an article somewhere in which the Olsen twins revealed their love for Ksubi jeans. I believe the line was something like, “they fit perfect, right off the rack”, and since the Olsens are also super tiny, I made a mental note right then and there to check into these mysterious jeans, as at the time, it was the first I had ever heard of them.

Since then, I’ve been swimming in a sea of my favorite Paige Premium Denim jeans, and just never actively searched out Ksubi to give them a shot. Then, this weekend, I happened to pass a huge table stacked with jeans while perusing the Spring/Summer sales and the name Ksubi caught my eye. Shifting through the stacks, I found a size 24, held them up and thought, “wow, those are tiny!”

It’s true! They do run small! Here they are in size 24 on me.

Ksubi Super Skinny Zip Jean in size 24

The zipper on the bottom of this particular pair would make the length hard to alter, but the fit everywhere else is really slim, even in the waist! I’ve never had a pair of size 24 jeans fit so snug! If you’re looking to expand your skinny jean collection (it seems most Ksubi styles are either really skinny or really thin straight leg), Ksubi would be a good bet. I personally don’t like the zipper style, but an edgier girl than myself should be able to rock them no problem.

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  1. says: Anonymous

    They are very cute jeans on you. Where might I find some in a store in East Texas to try on???

    Shorty in texas :)

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi! I know for a fact that Barney’s and Barney’s CO-OP stores carry Ksubi jeans (I tried these on in Barney’s). According to the Barney’s website, there is a Barney’s in Dallas, and a CO-OP in Austin. Here in LA, quite a few of higher end boutiques carry the brand also. So check out the high end boutiques in your area as well.

  3. says: Jani

    Hi! I’m so glad you found Ksubi jeans. I’m from New Zealand so this aussie brand is familiar to me. Also try out Sass and Bides, they make size 24 also.

    I’m around the same size as you 88lbs 4 11″ and fit the 24 Ksubis also. I saw a post on the purse forum and you were wearing the 10′ J brand skinny jeans? I read on.. shopbop that the rise was 7.5inches and I was wondering how you found them vs the ksubi super skinny? Ksubi super skinny are generally around 6-6.5inches high.

    Thanks for any insight!

  4. says: Anonymous

    Thanks for letting us know about Ksubi jeans! If I see them, I’ll have to try them on.

    Another brand to keep in mind is Blue Cult. They make jeans as small as size 23. I have a few pairs of them in sizes 23 and 24, and love the way they fit.


  5. says: ^_^

    The YSL website regularly sells their shoes in size 35, 35.5, and even 34 for pre-orders.

    Cute jeans btw. Just have the zipper removed by your tailor.

  6. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Jani!

    The rise on the Ksubi jeans was certainly short! I have a short torso, so I like low rise jeans personally. They balance out my long legs and short torso. The Ksubis were actually low rise on me, which is rare to find. On someone with a long torso, they would be scandalously low! The J Brands were probably about “mid rise” on me, but on someone with a longer torso, they’d be low rise.

    Hi Anonymous!

    I’ve never heard of Blue Cult before. I will definitely keep at eye out for them! Thanks!

    Hi ^-^!

    So YSL does make size 34 shoes! Damn! I fell in love with their Nicole Patent Pump from Fall08 and got them from Saks in size 35. They were too big, and returning them was a very sad day for me. I still think about them. Long lost loves! I wish I had known they made size 34 earlier.

    Hi Aimee!

    Yup, 7 for all Mankind sells petite jeans, with a lower rise, higher knee break, and shorter inseam. I’ve tried them on in size 24 before and they are just too big for me. I found the thigh, leg and waist to be pretty baggy on me. But if they work for you, awesome! I’ve always wanted a pair but the cost of alterations is not worth it to me when I can go and get a pair of better fitting jeans somewhere else.

  7. says: RocketGirl

    Yay – I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm considering buying some Duo boots, so that's how I stumbled across it.

    Tusbis are great- there are plenty on Australian ebay if people are trying to find them (although lots of fakes), or has a good range. Sass and Bide also do small jeans that fit well, and they are easy to find on ebay too (no fakes that I'm aware of) or on mycatwalk or their own site.


  8. says: ghettoflower

    I luv Ksubi jeans! I was able to go to the sale they had in Paddington Sydney last year when I went home to visit and actually picked up a size 22!!! I have all the older ones (when they were Tsubi jeans in sz 6) They are a so snug and form fitting! If u are looking for smaller jeans, Rock & Republic's older washes in 23 fit me well plus 575 jeans. 7FAM go down to size 22 and u can also check their girls jeans that I fit a size 10 in and the inseam isn't too bad either (I'm about 4'10")If u are lucky Citizens of Humanity also had a few cuts in sz 23…

  9. says: Funky Punky

    Hi! I'm 5'1" and weigh about 100 lbs. I'm thinking of getting these jeans, but I haven't been able to try a pair on at my local boutique (I'm thinking of ordering online) so I'm pretty indecisive as to what size to get. I've tried on Ksubi jeans in a size 25 and they fit me well, but I've heard that they 1) run a size small, 2) stretch too much!
    I'm a mess in trying to figure out which pair would be my best bet. As you are smaller than me (I didn't even know that was possible! :P), would you recommend getting a size 25 or a size 24?


  10. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Funky Punky!

    Hmmm…can you order both sizes? I would suggest you find a store where you can order online (free shipping hopefully) and then order both sizes, and return the one you don't want in store (or for free like at Revolve). I tried on the size 24 and the jeans were really fitted on me, so I would think size 25 would be best for anyone taller than me. But the stretch factor does complicate things. Also, take into account that I have really thin legs (not just for my height, but in general), so unless you have really thin legs like I do, I would say size 25 in the way to go.

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