In Memoriam: Giordano’s Shoes

This one makes me sad…

I received this in the mail yesterday from Giordano’s Shoes in New York. If you’re not familiar with Giordano’s Shoes, visit this post.

After being in business for 28 years, Giordano’s is liquidating their inventory and closing up shop. I sent an e-mail to Giordano’s asking why they were closing…I thought maybe it was the economy, or that maybe catering to such a niche market was no longer profitable. The response I received simply said, “our lease was up and the building is being sold and after 28 years, we are ready to retire…”

This online discount code for 25% off is shown on the website, with no mention of the store closing.

When I first heard about Giordano’s, I thought, “what a fabulous idea!” How wonderful would it be to step into a store, pick up a gorgeous shoe, and ask the sales associate for your size, knowing they would return from the back holding a big box with your shoe in it!

What a luxury for small footed women, who are no stranger to the old, “ummmm…I’m almost certain we don’t carry that size…but I can check the back if you’d like…” sales associate response. Or how about my personal favorite, “we only received one pair in that size, and it sold almost immediately. No more left, sorry.”

Thank you Giordano’s for catering just to us! Good luck and we’ll miss you!

Giordano’s does not have e-commerce, but you can peruse their catalog online and call or e-mail them to order.

1150 Second Ave.
New York, NY 10021

I suppose now would be a good time to stock up on those small shoe sizes ladies!

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  1. says: winnie

    I absolutely loved Giordanos! I always went there when I was visiting New York and luckily made it just in time and heard about their closing about 3 weeks before it happened. Lucky for me though, I stocked up and got 8 pairs of shoes! I figured they would be great investments. I even took a picture outside the store I was so sad it was closing :) I will definitely miss the nice salespeople as well.

    Thanks for all your posts!


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