Brand that Runs Small: Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange is the lower end brand from the Armani fashion company, and is geared toward older teens and younger adults, so it comes as no surprise that their sizes would run a little bit small. Not everything runs small, but there is an awesome tiny size to keep an eye out for…p0!

The size p0 at Armani Exchange is even smaller than their regular size 0, and is available online in most dress and bottom (pants/skirts/shorts) offerings. Size p0 is also available in stores, but way easier to find online.

To investigate this size for myself, I tried on this dress that I happened to find in store in size p0.

Armani Exchange Splatter Print Dress in size p0 (ignore the liner socks…those dressing room floors are icky!)

Overall, I was very impressed with the fit of this dress. I was almost worried I wouldn’t be able to zip it up all the way! The only thing “off” on it was there was a tiny bit of extra “flappy” fabric just at the bottom of the arm hole, but I’m sure this can be fixed easily by a tailor. Not bad at all!

Armani Exchange might be a little too trendy for ladies in their late twenties and older, but some gems can still be found that aren’t overly zippered, ruffled, or styled. Also, look for items in better fabrics that can add worth to your wardrobe. The dress I tried on, for example, is 100% silk!

Sales are numerous, and inventory changes all the time…so check in every now and then to see what they have!

And, while she’s not a tiny petite, here’s Hayden Panettiere wearing another silk dress from Armani Exchange, as proof that petite girls can rock the brand.

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