Belts for Tiny Waists: Kids Belts

I have a friend who is an athletic 5’7″ and complains to me she can’t find waist belts small enough for her waist. If she can’t find a small enough waist belt…then what hope is there for my tiny 22.5 inch waist?!

The easiest answer I’ve found has been in the boys department! While not very chic or feminine, boys belts can be good for adding a more rustic or masculine look to an outfit. You can try the girls department as well, but beware…most girls belts are pink, sequined, or bedazzled…yuck!

First, a little bit about belt sizing:

Belt sizes are most often determined by the length from where the leather end folds over the buckle, to the middle hole. This distance should be around the size of your waist, so, in my case, I need around a 22-23 inch belt. Most small belt offerings come a size 26, which means at the middle hole, it is 26 inches long. That means it is probably actually at least 28 inches long. Try putting a 28 inch belt around a tiny 23 inch waist…there’s going to be a lot of extra belt flapping around! That will also add unflattering bulk to a small woman’s frame.

If purchasing online, make sure to check the size chart because some manufacturers use different sizing methods.

Now that we know what size we need, time to look at viable options. Check out big retailers or departments stores for simple designs like these:


And look for more hip designs in the kids offerings from more trendy and stylish labels like this:

Good places to look for more fashion forward pieces is the Yoox kidswear section (designer duds in kid’s sizes) and Zappos kids accessories.

Don’t be embarrassed to head into the boys department to try on belts. Both my 5’7″ friend and I will be there!

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  1. says: ^_^

    Wow. How waist size is determined in belts is quite interesting.

    Another short/small attire method I often use, is buying tunics or knit tops at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Length is always listed.

    I’m 4’10”, and 90lbs. If I get a top that’s 28 to 30 inches long, the hem will be at mid thigh or lower. It’s a great alternative for casual dresses.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    That’s a good one! I always hold up super long tops to me and joke that it’s a dress…so why not use them as one? Thanks for posting the length!

  3. says: Jackie

    Wow, I have a 24″ waist and I really don’t have much trouble with belts. Usually a size small can be adjusted to fit, yours too, I’m sure. I like to shop at Target and Ross for belts, I usually find some good ones, cheap too.

  4. says: Anonymous

    I have a 23.5″ waist and have been looking for a thin waist belt to fit my waist. So far, no luck. I saw some XS belts (not thin ones though) on, but have never tried them at the stores to see if they fit; nor did I know how belts are measured to notice the stated measurements online.

    If anyone ever finds thin waist belts that might fit, while browsing online or on-site, please let us know. Thanks! :)


  5. says: deborah

    Belts can be altered.
    Take it to a shoe repair place where they can take off the buckle and snip off the extra leather. Then they can reattach the buckle for a perfect fit.

  6. says: Anonymous

    I am going to go check out boy belts today that's for sure! I'm 5'9" with a tiny waist (22.5"). I have been really frustrated and am really excited to actually get a belt what fits around my waist.

    I was also thinking about buying a skinny belt for around my waist in a large size and seeing if I could wrap it around twice, but I am always too big!

    Thanks so much for the tips everyone!

  7. says: deborah

    Belts can be altered.
    Take it to a shoe repair place where they can take off the buckle and snip off the extra leather. Then they can reattach the buckle for a perfect fit.

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