Adventures in Alterations: Tank Style Tops

If you’re like me, then very little off the rack clothing comes even remotely close to fitting properly. Most garments “might” fit after a few tucks, seams, pleats…etc…etc…

Part of my wardrobe expansion project includes yanking and pulling (and at times, hoisting) garments that are too big in dressing room mirrors, and wondering if a tailor could do anything about it. As I work my way up the “what can be tailored” learning curve, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the items I get altered with “before” and “after” modeling shots (Me? A model? Ha!). So…here is my first installment of…Adventures in Alterations!

Adventures in Alterations: Tank Style Tops

Here’s an easy one to get us started. This is the Anna Rose Top by Diane von Furstenberg from F/W 2008 in size P (petite). DVF tops and dresses in sizes P and 0 usually run pretty small, so you can find these items in an easily alterable state right off the rack.

Before:This top is cut for a taller person. While the top fits nicely around my torso, it is too long from the shoulder to the waist. The neckline is too low and the arm holes are too big. This makes the top look droopy, sloppy, and comes precariously close to breaking indecent exposure laws.

The Alteration: Taking up the strap at the shoulder.This one is easy because there’s no sleeve to worry about.

After:The neckline is higher, the extra fabric is gone, and the arm holes are smaller and higher.

And…just for fun (and because I’m learning to use Photoshop)…

DVF Anna Rose Top, Paige Premium Denim, Cole Haan Shoes
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  1. says: Bee

    What a terrific and much needed post. I am one of those 5ft1 XXS petite people who is always staring at a piece of clothing trying to figure out whether it can or can’t be altered to fit me.

    It is really good to see what other people are trying. I’d love more before/after alteration photos.

    Keep them coming.

  2. says: Alterations Needed

    Hi Bee!

    I’ll definitely keep them coming. I’m excited to see where this series will take me as well. I’m sure my tailor will also be excited, I’m one of her best customers! Thanks for the feedback!

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