LA Sample Sales: Paige and Frankie B.

I just found listings for two sample sales happening today in Los Angeles!

Paige Premium Denim size 24 jeans generally run small in the thigh, and even make a petite length in some styles.

Label: Paige Premium Denim
Deal: Sample sale, featuring variety of styles, washes and sizes at $50
When/Where: Friday, December 12, 9am-3pm, 127 East 9th Street, Suite 209, Downtown

Frankie B. Jeans make size 23 (very rare!) and I’ve also heard this jean runs about 1 size small!

Label: Frankie B
Deal: Holiday sale, featuring merch at $50 or under
When/Where: Friday, December 12 though Saturday, December 13, 10am-4pm, 850 South Broadway, Suite 500, Downtown

Too bad Paige is only going on during work hours today…I wonder if i can make it Downtown on my lunch break…hhmmmm…

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  1. Frankie B WOULD work well for was the only time I’ve had to return a pair of pants because they were way too small! It was only a size 0, too. They are also extremely low rise and curve-hugging.

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