Great Resource: Revolve Clothing Fit Guide

Revolve Clothing has a great fit guide for every clothing item they carry. When you click an item you’re interested in, and roll your mouse over the tab for “Fit Guide”, it tells you what size the model is wearing, as well as how the item runs compared to other designers, and how the item runs compared to the rest of that designer’s line. I have literally spent hours scouring the site for designers that Revolve suggests runs small. 

The reviews tab is also very helpful when people who have bought that item describe the fit. Some of the designers I have found so far include: 

Revolve is also a great resource because ground shipping is free, and if it’s still too big, return shipping is also free! This is great for people who have a hard time finding items that fit and usually are afraid to shop online. Combine this with the hundreds of fabulous options and brands that Revolve carries, and I’m a happy camper. Their sales are also to die for.

I only wish that:

1) There was some way to search the site for items that run small, because the current set up requires a person to first pick an item, and then check the fit guide.

2) More online sites would do the same thing!

Check it out at

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