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If you’re tiny like me, then you have to give petite bras a shot. I knew petite bras existed, and had even thought about ordering one online, but bras are a tricky thing to purchase sight unseen, and I hate paying shipping charges. So when I saw the CK petite bras on a recent shopping trip to an outlet mall, I had to try them on. Let me just say it was the closest thing to a religious experience a person could ever have in a dressing room.

Before trying a petite bra, my experience with undergarments was always unsatisfactory. I could fit a size 32 band, even though I’m about 90% sure I’m a at least a size 30, which is nearly impossible to find. And I certainly never got the same results as my friends when trying on a push-up.

Petite bras are smaller around, which means a 32 band fits more like a 30, and the cups are closer together, putting the girls right where they should be. After trying one on, I ran straight back to the rack, grabbed all available colors in my size, and handed over my credit card with great enthusiasm. I highly suggest you do the same.

Perfectly Fit Tailored petite lace push up bra,

The Calvin Klein Petite bras are available online at:

I have not tried this brand, but my next petite bra purchase will most likely be from:

Other petite bras are available at:

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