In Memoriam: YSL Pumps

When I first saw theses shoes, I fell in love instantly. They were my favorite neutral, grey, with a fun streaked design. I began to imagine all the fantastic outfits these patent leather 3 inch pumps would tie together. Non surprisingly, my size was not available in store, so I scoured the internet for my loves. There they were, at, and in size 35! And even more exciting, a little note under the item description saying:

Our fit model recommends ordering one half size up as this style runs small

This was great news, as I tend to run on the smaller side of size 35. “Fantastic!” I thought, “maybe I’ll even need to get a size up!” When the package arrived, I was overjoyed! My babies were finally here! I pulled them out of their beautiful box and crispy tissue paper packaging and slipped the first one on. But something was amiss…these “small” shoes were not very small at all! My heel slipped ungracefully out with each step, and the shoe didn’t even touch the top of my foot.

Note the ample space between the heel of my foot and the back of the shoe.
Also note the ample space between the top of my foot and the toe box.

Sadly, not even shoe pads helped remedy the problems, and I returned these shoes to Saks, so if anyone is interested in “small” size 35’s that are not very small at all, give the Beverly Hills store a call.

Perhaps Saks needs a new shoe fit model.

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