At 4’11” and a slim 85lbs, I’m quite petite. Now in my mid-twenties, I’ve found myself in a bit of a fashion crisis. Like many 20-somethings, my wardrobe was a bit confused. A hodgepodge of “schlepping to class” basics left over from my college days, cheap “fast fashion” clubbing attire falling apart at the seams, and a collection of clothes that I didn’t really like, but bought because “it fits” or “it was on sale”. My wardrobe was immature with no style and no direction. After a frantic closet clean-out, I was left with little clothing, and a mission. I want to be stylish! The problem that faces me now is how to build a respectable wardrobe when even 00 and petite sizes are too large.

Juniors sizes can sometimes fit, but what twenty-something fashionista would be caught dead in a cherry laden mini skirt off the racks at Hot Topic? No, no…give me Marc, Miu Miu, even Chanel. But, those beautiful clothes in my size? Fat chance. Tirelessly scouring the fashionable department and chain stores for something, anything, that runs small, I turned to the internet community for help. Surely there are other tiny petite women with the ingenuity and knowledge I need to quench my fashion thirst?

I found quite a few fashion blogs catering to the petite woman, but I found it largely useless in my particular case. Being petite in general isn’t easy, but try being the petitest of them all! In this era of vanity sizing, I’ve been sized out of many clothing lines, petites included. I need more than just information on where to purchase size zeros and petite sizes. I need to know where I can purchase TINY size zeros and petite sizes. I found my plight to be often overlooked.

Add my ego to this equation, and I refuse to look anything less than polished.

So, the point of this blog will be to share the things I find that work for me, in the hopes that it will be helpful to other tiny petites looking to dress as fantastic and stylish as the big girls.

For reference, my by no means professionally taken measurements are:

Height: 4’11”
Weight: 85 pounds
Bust: 30 inches
Waist: 23 inches
High Hip: 29 inches
Low Hip: 32 inches
Thigh: 17.5 inches
Calf: 11 inches
Inseam: 29 inches
Shoe: 5/35 (ranges from 4.5/34.5 – 5.5/35.5 depending on the brand)


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  1. says: Pooja

    I am a tiny petite myself,around the same size as you and have a pretty hard time finding clothes too, junior clothes are way too girly for us grown ups, I think retailers dont realise that its possible to be tiny and healthy,a size 00 does not always mean eating disorder,I eat like a horse for my size! AnnTaylor and Banana Republic sizes fit usually, Forever21 and the teen stores work for certain things,INC International concepts at Macys works for me sometimes. I see so many small petites around, one of us should start a XXS fashion line methinks.

  2. How amazing would it be to be able to go to a designers boutique or website and KNOW that everything would fit! A girl can dream, right? There is a tiny petite who has started her own line with VERY small sizes. The selections are small so far, but she says more is on it’s way. I’m eagerly waiting for something I like so I can buy it and see how it fits! Her site is: Zero Petites

  3. says: CynthiaC

    I’ve checked out the BZpetites website and yeah, the sizes are super-dooper tiny. I think based on my measurements, I’m a medium there! And I’m not sure if I can wear the pants if I wear heels!

  4. says: Jackie

    I hear you sister. Altough I'm a bit curvier than you, I still go for the size 00s because they are form-fitting, but they are sooo hard to find!! Ann Taylor is my FAVORITE place to shop, the 00s there fit like a glove. You could probably fit into them as well.I'm like you I WANT TO BE FABULOUS! I'm a sexy woman too! What's wrong with us petites being powerful? Nothing at all. I'm petite and proud!!<3 Jackie (4'10", 94lbs. 30",24" 35")

  5. says: Anonymous

    “[A] collection of clothes that I didn’t really like, but bought because ‘it fits’ or ‘it was on sale’. My wardrobe was immature with no style and no direction.”That’s what my closet looks like right now! For as long as I can remember, I have been buying “whatever fits” (especially if it’s on sale) just because I’m afraid that otherwise I will have nothing at all to wear. But what a waste of money that truly is! Some of those pieces of clothing are not used very often because I realize I didn’t really like them to begin with. –Y (4’10”, 84 lbs, 23.5″ waist, 32.5″ hip, 30″ bra band, size 4.5-5.0 shoes)

  6. says: Deborah

    I just discovered your blog and I love it! I hate how 0s and petite 0s are often too big. I am 5’1.5″, 93 lb, and wear a size 5 in shoes. 24″ waist, 32 bra band, 32.5 hips. It’s the hips and lack of butt that is my real problem! 28 and shopping in juniors…HELP!

  7. says: Amanda

    I have had so much fun reading your blogs! I have been a shorty all my life and always struggled with clothing choices. My closet is full of cheap, oversized clothing that I buy in compulsion trying to find something that will work. I am very similar in proportion to you, though my lower half is a bit more athletic b/c I have been a long distance runner all my life. I have a small waist and torso, short legs, and these giant boobs that my plastic surgeon blessed me with! lol! After I had my daughter, I had to have a cyst removed and then reconstructed. I had no idea that they would come out looking so large. They were supposed to be a “B”, but look more like a “D”, although the surgeoun still insists they are just “B’s”. Anyway, I am now a big fan of your site and need all the help I can get as a 31 year old mom. Here are my measurements for fun and maybe some insight.

    Height: 4’11” 1/2
    Weight: 92
    Around Breasts: 32
    Beneath Breasts: 26 1/2
    Waist: 23
    High Hip: 27 1/2
    Low Hip 32
    Thigh: 18
    Calf: 12
    Shoe: 5 1/2

  8. says: Dani

    Hi! I found your blog a few weeks ago and just wanted to say thanks! I am a tiny petite also, and I appreciate the recommendations.

    I'm about your size, except that I am two inches taller and I have bigger feet.:) Oh yeah, and your clothing budget is bigger than mine!

    I found a site today that you may want to check into. I haven't ordered anything yet, so I can't speak for the quality, but they carry very tiny bras and lingerie. It's If you try it, let me know what you think.

  9. says: Jennifer

    I'm 5'1.5″, and no where near as slim as you are (can we say “bubble butt”?), and due to the fact that I am compact I always weigh more than people think I do, but I think one thing is funny…your inseam is longer than mine! Mine's only 27″-27.5″, which is why short/petite lengths (generally 30″) are still too long, even with heels. Do you have any luck finding nice pants and jeans that are good to wear with flats?

    One of my big problems is finding pants that hit at the right place. My hips are not wide, but my hip bones jut out, so that belts do not sit flat on me. But I need to wear one because of the bubble butt with small waist. (Measurements: 30D, 24″, 35.5″- 36″). The top of me is generally a 00P-0P while the bottom half of me is a 2P-4P…I'm not proportioned right! Oh well. I'm trying to slim down and lose weight, which might help my bottom half, but if I lose too much up top I'll never find any clothes, lol. Petite shopping is a pain…

  10. Hi Jennifer!

    I only have 1 pair of jeans that I wear with flats, unhemmed, from Lucky Brand that I bought years ago! I don't see the same style on the Lucky Brand website, and the size chart says the “short” inseam is 30 inches. My jeans are 29 inches, but that might be due to shrinkage from being washed over the years. I'll keep a look out for inseams shorter than 30 inches!

  11. says: Phan

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has trouble finding clothes small enough! Actually, I have the same exact measurements as Amanda, and I'm a distance runner too. Even 00s are too big for me, and I have dished out a lot of money for alterations. One store I don't see mentioned in this blog is White House Black Market. I found cardigans that fit nicely and other things not so much, but if you have one in your area, it's worth a try.

  12. Just wanted to let you know … you've inspired me to share my own trial and errors in XXS petite shopping. Been following your blog for a while (under FashionableFinance) and you've been SO helpful that I started my own petite blog today : )

  13. says: Anonymous

    I am so glad to have found this site! I am very petite also. I am 4'10″ but very porportionate…just short! It is so difficult to find quality women's clothing. I especially have trouble finding pants and shoes. A great site for small shoe sizes is Cinderella of Boston. A bit pricey and sometimes hit or miss, but usually has some great looking shoes and boots. I don't have too much trouble with tops, but dress pants and jeans are a lost cause! Petite size pants in 0 are too big in the waste, crotch, and length…help!!

  14. says: Anonymous

    I love your blog! I hate feeling sized out and stuck in the juniors department. That was fine when I was 16. I'm 25 now; I believe I should be wearing grown-up clothes.

    height: 62 in
    weight: 92 lbs
    bust: 31 in
    waist: 24.5 in
    hips: 32 in
    inseam: 31-32 in
    calf: 11.5 in
    thigh: 16 in

    I'm a little bit of a giant height-wise :) but I'm very slim and I believe I may be the definition of chicken-legs.

  15. says: Stacey

    I really like your blog and plan to stalk your clothing purchases and outfit ideas.

    I'm a giant compared to you (5'2″, 32″-25″-36″ – hips are fairly average – the width is really from the back), but clothes just look gigantic on me. I just look lost in most clothing.

    Okay, so I want to see some of your clothing suggestions for casual weekends – going to a movie, grabbing lunch, etc. I hate, hate, hate wearing heels after a work week of teetering around the promenade in pain during lunch hour, but I haven't perfected a look that works for my proportions with flats. Maybe it's because I can't find flats that I love. I like a very low vamp (elongating to my foot) and they can't be totally flat. So I'm always struggling with that casual-but-not sloppy outfit for weekends, yet it's what I live in on weekends. I am in a rut.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  16. Hi Stacey,

    Do you have any kitten heels? They can be as comfy as flats, but give you a little more of a polished look. I find that the difference in looking stylish between me wearing jeans and flats, and me wearing jeans and kitten heels is enormous. I don't like them with skirts (I feel they look matronly with skirts), but with casual jean or pant outfits, they're great!

  17. says: Emily

    Oh my gosh I am SOOOO glad to know there are others out there with this issue. I'm 23, 5'2″, and 95 lbs. I am obsessed with fashion, but nothing fits me. I've found an excellent tailor that takes in everything I buy, but I would love to find something that just fits me. Can you imagine walking into a store, picking something up, and buying it without knowing your next stop will be the tailor?!

  18. says: caini

    I really wish I could find petite clothes here in Brazil. Who knows someday someone will start working with petite sizes here..
    I'm going to LA soon and I want to buy petite clothes there.
    I'm checking some stores online, but I have a hard time with the measure.
    I checked on and I think I'm 4'9 (I'm 148 cm) but I don't know for sure. Is 4'11 4 feet and 11 inches? in this case, 4 ft is 121 cm and 11 in is 27 cm, so 121+27=148 cm, which is my height. Gosh, I really need help with that! can anyone help me? I would be really glad!

  19. says: Melanie

    I love your blog! I'm 5'2 and wear size 4 shoes but our other measurements are virtually identical. Thanks so much for the pictures- now I can see if something will look nice or ridiculous from the start. How much should basic alterations cost? I usually suffer with wide busts and saggy pants because alterations seem too much of a pain for casual clothes.

  20. says: Anonymous

    I LOVE this blog! I'm slowly devouring every page.

    I'm around 5'3″ and 98 pounds and I totally agree that petite sizes just aren't small enough. When they are, they don't rejig the whole fit – cut, proportion and style. You end up with an item of clothing that is shorter or smaller, but fits clumsily, with shoulder width and length that would otherwise suit someone much bigger.

    Here are some of my tips:

    Check out Asian websites like The quality is pretty average but there are cute things for those on a budget. They're also great for picking up trend pieces that you won't wear for more than a season. Best of all, they cater to the Asian market, where many girls are tiny-tiny and petiteness is the norm. They also cater to very tall petites… the last time I was in Singapore and Japan, I was astounded by the amount of thin-armed, long legged Asian girls who towered over me! Buying clothes in Western countries would be impossible for them with their proportions.

    Lingerie: I'm sure you've found that a small body = small boobs LOL. My particular problem is finding nice looking bras that don't gape at the top of the cup… bend over and hey presto! everyone cops a (small) eyeful of what's happening down my shirt. I know that lots of big-breasted women complain about not being able to find lingerie in a D, E, F, G or H cup that is sexy and flirty, but have you tried to find sexy, cute, flirty lingerie in an A or AA cup? Most of the brands in Australia worth buying start from a B onwards! If I hear another person say “Oh, you're so lucky you have small boobs – at least you don't have trouble finding nice underwear” I will have a fit. I really will.

    My tips? Stay away from push up bras. They're marketed to boost small boobs, but let's face it – unless you have something to push up, all they do is squish your chest and make you feel like you're wearing telephone directories in your underwear. A lightly padded, moulded t-shirt bra with no padding works best for me. It gives a bit of shape, but doesn't make your boobs look like two hard rocks.

    Places like seem to have cute bits and pieces, although I have never been game enough to try.

    Paperbag styles are your friend. Any time I buy a skirt, I look for textured materials (like tulle or very shot, distressed silk) with a poufy style. I simply hike up the waistline to just above my belly button and belt the hell out of it! The result is a gathered waist detail, snug fitting belt to give a bit of shape and voluminous material around my skinny thighs and knees. A fitted singlet, cami or t-shirt and lots of necklaces are all that are needed on top.

    Anyway, I hope I've added something new to your repertoire!

    I'd love to see you do a post on swimwear – one of the hardest items of clothing to fit if when you're skinny. Again, most people roll their eyes and sigh sarcastically about how “hard” it is to be thin, but when you're THIS thin, there are no good swimmers for you unless you shop in the children's department (and that brings up all sorts of problems with cut and style).

    Keep up the great work.

  21. says: Anonymous

    Hi, just found this site today! I'm also 4'11″ and 85 lbs…well I'm 6 months pregnant so that makes me 95 lbs. It's great to see that there are ladies that share the same problems. It's hard to find clothes while your pregnant.

  22. says: Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, I am so excited to have found you! I spend so much time searching for small clothes and shoes. I am 5'0, 92 lbs with a sizse 5 foot. Everyone tells me how jealous they are of my frame. Well. It can be a complete PITA! Sizing is out of control these days. I am off to read your blog and hopefully find some new ideas!


  23. says: Anonymous

    Thank you for creating this site! I am 4'8, 95 lbs and am getting married in October. Finding shoes is my biggest challenge as I wish I could just walk into any shoe store and walk out with a great pair of shoes (I am a size 4-4.5). In the winter, I wear ankle boots as I can wear heavy socks and no one can tell that I am swimming in them and in the summer I wear wedges which works out great! However, pumps are a different story–>(gasp) I only own 1 pair of pumps (Stuart Weitzman). I wish there was a speciality store around Long Island that I could just walk out with fabulous shoes! Or find a shoe maker!!

  24. says: Anonymous

    I love your blog! In theory I should be petite (almost 5'2″, 102 lbs) but I feel like an elephant compared you! I read your post on body proportions and I am definitely a long torso, short legs kinda girl. I think that is what makes me look somewhat overweight for my height. Anyways, I'm 30 years old and a professional looking to update my look. Thanks for making this website!

  25. says: Jackie

    I am so happy to have found your blog! My measurements are almost exactly the same as yours. I’m 4’11”, 86lbs, 30-22-30.

    You’ve really helped me see my body in a different light. When I go into dressing rooms, the clothes fall off of me and I feel scrawny. I always end up walking out with one t-shirt in different colours “because it fit” – and I’m tired of it! Seeing the looks you’re able to put together gives me hope that I can do the same… even if I have to work a little harder because resources are limited in Canada. :)

    Thank you! :)

  26. says: nilaelizabeth

    I cannot believe i have finally found a blog i relate too!

    I am almost your size, but about an inch shorter, a little thinner in the waist (I think) and smaller feet (I can wear anything from a kids size 2 to if i'm lucky, a woman's 5)

    I graduated college almost a year ago and was lucky enough to find a job……not lucky enough to find clothes.

    I vowed that as a no longer broke, overworked college student i'd finally buy some decent/stylish clothes and get out of my habit of gap tees and finally buy a pair of jeans that fit…..but i fit into nothing! I have literally walked into stores and had the salespeople basically tell me that nothing there will be small enough for me. I mean, clothes were always a problem for me (I remember in high school i actually needed to gain weight to fit into my prom dress while all my friends were dieting) but with the recent vanity sizes i am lost.

    Shoes are impossible (and I love them) and the only things that will fit me 1/2 the time are cheap juniors clothes that i hate……I long to dress like my friends, but when even petite 00 don't fit, I usually just come back from the store with nothing but frustration.

    anyway, i am just really, really happy to have found this blog and to know that I am not alone.

  27. says: Agnes

    I am a tall petite at 5'1 and luckily all of 25' around the waist.

    Until recently, I fooled myself into thinking I was a size 2 because size 0 cloths are even harder to find. And I didn't even know there was such a thing as a size 00. Once, as I was trying on the only size 0P suit in an entire mall and found the skirt loose around the waist, I angrily mumbled to myself “What am I, a size negative 2?” So I feel very very sorry for you size 000 girls.

    I recently bought an adorable black empire waist sheath online from Macy's in their smallest size, a 2P, and it was way too big. I don't have the money to pay for alterations so I did that myself. I am a self-taught seamstress by force. I am not very good, but it's better than nothing. The dress is wearable and the good thing about being tiny is that it's not hard to look cute.

    While I embrace the idea of being petite and having a high quality wardrobe, I still resent the idea of having to pay so much more than “regular” women to buy cloths that fit. The Macy's dress was already breaking the piggy bank for me.

    I did have the opportunity once to go cloths shopping in Seoul, South Korea. What an exhilarating experience it was to walk into a store and pull cloths off the rack that fit! Every tiny woman's dream! I highly recommend the trip, if you can afford it.

    I don't think small, petite women are that rare, but the tragedy is that we can fit in children's cloths. A lot of us get discouraged finding women's cloths that fit and we take the path of least resistance. This hides the need for affordable small women's cloths and is most likely a factor in the phasing out of small sizes in stores. As a bright sales woman once told me in a shoe store, as I was desperately trying to find a pair of size 5 pumps, “A size 5 is the same thing as a girl's size 3 – why don't you have a look in our youth section?”. There was a very cute pair of sneakers with purple butterflies on them and glitter, but I could not really wear that at work.

    I have been looking for a place online that has resources for small, petite women (not plus size petite women). I will have a look around. I am sort of on the same crusade as a number of you. I am in the middle of a career switch where it is going to be imperative for me to wear nice looking, professional cloths. So far, I own one nice suit and I have my unique, faithful pair of pumps to go with it.

  28. says: Frances

    Just the existence of this blog makes me so happy!! Thank you for creating this and the forums. Keep it up, keep it up!

  29. says: Anonymous

    Unfortunately, vanity sizing is the rage so a size “O' now is more like a size 2 or even a size 4. I wish they'd do away with sizing altogether. A size 23 or 24 designer jean fits me better than a size 0 or 000 – I wish all companies would go with “standard” designer jean sizing – 23 – whatever. I know so many people that have gained weigh but now say they are a size 6 or a size 8 – who cares? Just give us sizes that fit – again, the designer jean sizes seem acceptable. Let's go with those sizes for both jeans and dress/casual pants.

  30. says: Trina649

    I just found this blog yesterday and have been reading about everyones problems. I recently graduated from college and am going to be working in a law firm so I have to buy professional looking clothes. Its been difficult and frustrating finding clothes that fit me…to the point where I sometimes just want to cry.
    I'm 4'9″ and just under 80 pounds. I wear a 30C bra. my waist is 22/23 and my hips are 32 if i measured correctly. I can usually buy jeans from delias that fit me and I found a few pairs at Urban Behavior a couple years ago that fit perfectly but now they've even made their size 00 pants bigger.
    I have a hard time finding pants that fit me in the waist and if they do fit me in the waist they are huge in the legs and crotch area. If anyone knows of nice dress pants that would fit me PLEASE let me know because I think my tailor wants a break :)

  31. says: marigami

    Well I came to your blog through this one “Already pretty” and I thanck he for this.
    I am a petite french lady (4,11 feet I think,85 pounds, 24 at the waist,around 28 at the hips) and even in France it is difficult to find clothes that really fit and are work appropriate. I work in a bank at very top level and being an exec assistant I do meet top level managers and clients quite often.And I am a petite lady with small bossom (but bossom anyway), small waist but curvy hips and bottom. Which is hard to fit as clothes are either too large at the waist or too long. I am an expert with heming my clothes particularly trousers. And I have rather long arms for my size.
    Children clothes is a no way except the luxury brand range one (I mean Chloe, Dior, Escada, Rykiel.. do have children range that sometimes can do the trick). But the cheap range are definitly no way.
    I am an expert
    Nearly all the cheap or average priced shoe brand start their range at 6 way too large for me so I have to either aim to luxury brand or, or… go to the US market!
    Yes I found my Graal in petite range (despite sometimes clothes are too big still for me), using Ebay for a beginning but I am looking for others tips and pieces of advices.
    But anyway, do you know that site :

    It is canadian, full of informations and brands.
    I am happy to know there are some petite counterpart all other the world. We should really act as a lobby to be able to have proper range for us.

    Keeping in touch with you and your many readers.

    Please all my apologies for my bad english, not my mother tongue at all.

  32. says: Anonymous

    [ marigami: Your English is amazing. Je suis impressionné! ]

    Thank you for this blog. As if it wasn't bad enough to be tiny in your mid-twenties when you need a professional wardrobe, imagine being my age! I am 42 years old and have birthed 3 children and I'm still waiting for some “baby weight” to appear.

    As it stands, I'm almost 5'2″ 104lbs, with very long spindly limbs, tiny narrow shoulders, decent bust & hips, and a 25″ waist. Try fitting THAT in any kind of specialty store. Regular sizes are too long in the pants, too large in the waist, and too wide in the shoulders. Petite sizes are too short in the arms & tight in the bust.

    My entire life I've felt like I've been living between worlds – not quite regular size, not quite petite size. It's maddening.

    My teenage daughters love shopping online at Japanese clothing stores for teeny sizes, but the offering is usually too “cutesy” for someone my age. Where are the stores for thin women over 40? I realize this is the U.S. but there's got to be more of us out there who need age-appropriate clothes on a budget. I'm so frustrated I could scream.

    Thanks so much for your tips & info!

  33. says: sarah

    holy doods you have a long inseam for such a wee person!! now I see why you actually look average height or even tall in your posts.. I'd love to see you in comparison to some height reference-able object actually to really understand how much difference a good eye for clothing sizes can make! because sometimes going through pics it's just sorta like, oh here's a cute lady in good looking clothes who pairs them really well. and I kind of forget sometimes that you're 4'11″ and making yourself look much taller!!! kudos!!!

  34. says: Anonymous

    SO grateful for your site! As a smaller-than-00P I've been having a professional wardrobe crisis for the past few years – and really appreciate your tips, pics, support. It makes me feel a little less alone and frustrated! Keep it up!

  35. says: Toothpick

    Wow you’re my almost twin– except I am 5 inches taller (and weigh the same– yikes). My measurements are:

    Height: 5’4.5″
    Weight: 85 pounds
    Bust: 28 inches
    Waist: 22-24 in depending on meal size :D
    High Hip: 30 inches
    Low Hip: 32 inches
    Thigh: 16 inches
    Calf: 11 inches
    Inseam: ?
    Shoe: 7.5 US

  36. says: Sarah

    I completely understand that frustration! I’m 20 – still in college, yet starting to enter the more professional scene. The girls around me still wear athletic gear, but I look about 12 when I do! I’m 5’1, 85 lbs, size 4 shoe, and 00s are always too small. I’ve got basically no shape – no boobs/butt which makes every article of clothing look so much bigger :( I can forget about Ann Taylor! I’m still looking for a way to not be mistaken for a middle schooler, yet still remain fashionable and on-trend for my age. Glad to know that I’m not alone, and I look forward to more fashion tips and tricks!

  37. says: NevaJuicy

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