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About Alterations Needed

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a scientist*. I grew up curious, buried under books doing “research”, and jumped at the opportunity to teach others the wonderful things I had discovered. It was natural then that when my interests were piqued by fashion and personal style, I turned to blogging as a medium to share my “findings” with others as curious as myself.

While the topic of Alterations Needed may change alongside the evolution of my wardrobe, it’s purpose is always to share. Starting in 2008 with the topic of where to shop for similarly sized women, Alterations Needed has evolved to the larger topics of developing a personal style and tailoring a wardrobe.

Alterations Needed is a place for me to share the findings of my research, whether it be how to tailor a blazer, or simply, what shoes go with this outfit.

*I even earned a bachelors degree in microbiology, and spent several years in cancer research.

About My Style

This is what happens when a tomboy grows up.

I love traditional menswear fabrics and clothing, but tailored with a feminine shape. I collect dress shirts. My favorite print is foulard. I don’t do pink, but burgundy is my favorite “neutral”. I believe jeans go with everything. My boyfriend borrows my pocket squares.