At a petite 4’11” tall, I was inspired to begin this blog after many unsuccessful shopping trips left me empty-handed and my closet looking bare. My size led me to search out petite-friendly brands and learn about good fit; the want for more variety led me to explore tailoring and alterations; and the extra cost of tailoring led me to work on defining my personal style (so I wont throw money away by tailoring items that aren’t “me”). Alterations Needed is where I share the things I’ve learned in the hopes it will help others on their own journeys building a wardrobe.

Read about why tailoring is so awesome: why clothing fits celebrities and not you.

Thank you for reading!

Tidbits About Me

  • I’m a Los Angeles girl, born and raised, but currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • I’ve always been a tomboy, and have developed a great love for menswear, especially when I get to wear it!
  • My favorite fashion designers/brands are Marissa Webb, Rag & Bone, and J.Crew. And these lovely ladies are my style muses.
  • For better or worse, my hair is naturally curly and can be terribly stubborn (aka, please forgive the frizzies and bad hair days on the blog. There will be many. =P ).
  • I have a degree in microbiology and used to work in biotech research labs. I love chatting science!
  • Petite readers may like to know my measurements for reference.

This Blog Believes In

  • Discovering your unique personal style and building a wardrobe around it. Read ways in which I’ve been developing my personal style.
  • Filling a wardrobe with quality, well-fitting items that fit who you are and how you love to dress.
  • Signature style. Because I have to tailor most things, I prefer to upkeep and build upon a strong signature personal style. If you like your bloggers to chase trends and wear a different look in every post, you’re on the wrong blog.
  • Not accepting clothing items as they are off the rack. Using tailoring and alterations as a tool to tweak and alter items to fit you, your style, and your life. Read about ways to find a good tailor, and peruse the items I’ve had tailored.