Linen Stripes


Easy to care for and easy to wear, this skirt will be a go-to this summer. Linen is great because it’s natural state is a little wrinkly, so there’s no need to stress about rumples. It also tends to shrink in the dryer, so be careful with it if you like the fit. For example, this J.Crew linen shirt shrank quite a bit for me in the wash. I love the new shrunken fit, but if you’d rather not have your linen items shrink, you may want to consider air drying.


DetailsLOFT shirt :: LOFT skirt :: Banana Republic belt :: Manolo Blahnik shoes (have you seen the Neiman Marcus “Made to Order BB Boutique?!) :: Chanel handbag :: Kate Spade watch :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/o) :: Gorjana bracelet

Altered – LOFT shirt has been slimmed :: Manolo Blahnik shoes have ball-of-foot and heel pads added :: Kate Spade watch has had the watch replaced :: Gorjana bracelet has been shortened


  • Reply June 13, 2013


    I love those pumps, what a color!

  • Reply June 13, 2013


    What a simple but put together look. Love the belted skirt, and the tucked in shirt. Gorgeous!

    Bold Subtlety

  • Reply June 13, 2013


    That skirt is a great shade of blue!

    Love the Spanish tiles in the background. They remind me of the restaurant, Islands! I grew up in LA country and that was my favorite place to eat.

    • Reply June 13, 2013

      Alterations Needed

      LOL! You should visit San Diego! Spanish tiles and architecture is EVERYWHERE. =)

  • Reply June 13, 2013


    i just bought 2 linen skirts from jcrew. so cute!

  • Reply June 13, 2013


    Do you know if they sell that skirt in the store? Or is it available only online? Wondering if it’s worth it to pay shipping…

    • Reply June 14, 2013

      Alterations Needed

      Good question Kay. I haven’t seen it in a store, and the product page doesn’t have the “find in store” link that most products have. Makes me think it could be online only.

  • Reply June 14, 2013


    I love linen. It is so easy to care for. Just a word of advice: it dries fairly quickly without machine drying, just hang up or put on a drying rack. I almost always air dry all my linen clothing and sheets.

  • the skirt looks perfect on you! i love the j. crew linen skirt, hoping to get one later this summer. i’m always a little hesitant about linen. i hate the creases it gets when i sit. little wrinkles are ok, but creases… ugh. have a good weekend!

  • Reply June 16, 2013


    Love the skirt! It has just the right volume and the shoes are perfect!

  • Reply June 16, 2013

    Karen Curtis

    Love this outfit…pinning now!

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