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As a lover of dress shirts and stiff, starchy collars, this sweater drew my eye instantly. Tough leather takes a turn for the prim in this collar detail, and makes what would otherwise be a simple black sweater a little more interesting.



Outfit DetailsClub Monaco sweater :: 7 For All Mankind jeans :: Banana Republic belt :: Sam Edelman shoes :: Chanel handbag :: Kate Spade watch :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/o)

Altered – Kate Spade watch has had the strap replaced


  • I’m kind of collar-obsessed at the moment, so I am really digging this detail. Some collars come off as being too sweet, but this one is modern & cool – and I’m dying over your shoes! :)


  • choochoo says:

    Hi Kelly, I’m a long time reader of yours and love your blog! Your style is so classic and clean (as in no-fuss).

    I admire your DIY skills whenever I come across your alteration posts. When I saw your outfit, I immediately thought of a pair of jeans I have (with the exact same color and fit from the thighs up), except that its a flare jean (I think I got it from American Eagle) so has a wide bottom. Do you have any recommendations on how to DIY jeans to make it skinny like yours? I haven’t worn it for a while because it’s so hard to tuck into any boots I have during the winter, and as for other seasons… I’m just so used to skinny’s and find myself thinking extra hard to pair my flare’s. I love the color so I haven’t been able to donate it or give it away.


    • Thank you so much! Although I wouldn’t call what I do as DIY. I leave all the work to the professionals! Hehe.

      You can certainly slim your flare jeans into a skinny jean! I’ve been thinking about doing the same to a pair I’ve had hanging around for years. Here are a few things to think about before you go ahead with it:

      – the stitches of tailored jeans rarely look like the original stitches straight from the factory. Even my professionally slimmed denim (done by a tailor with proper equipment) looks “tailored” when I look closely. So if you’re super picky about how your tailored items looks, you may want to have them professionally done, and do a little research about what tailor does the work for you.

      – When looking for a tailor who has the proper equipment to match the original denim stitching, call around to see if one of them has a “chain stitch machine”. It’s the machine used by denim manufacturers. I learned this little bit of info recently thanks to a menswear blog: http://tsbmen.com/23208/get-to-know-your-tailor/

      – If you want to go the DIY route, there’s tutorials on YouTube. Here’s a few I found with a quick search:


      Good luck! =)

      • choochoo says:

        Thank you for the detailed reply Kelly!! I think I’ll go with the DIY route this time since I don’t see myself spending money on such old jeans. These 2 videos are so helpful, I will definitely try them out… (definitely with my mom’s help…)

  • Veronica Bonilla says:

    i love it super chic !




  • Ana says:

    I love this look! I’m wearing olive jeans on my blog today, too, but I went in the opposite direction with cream instead of black. :) You look fantastic and I am loving, loving all the leather details that are so hot this season!

  • gigiofca says:

    Darling sweater. Very chic :)

  • Theresa says:

    This is such a great sweater and I totally love how the leather adds that extra something to it. I absolutely love how you styled it! :)

  • Petiteish says:

    Love this simple but sophisticated outfit. Is that a Chanel medium sized flap? It is perfectly proportioned on you!

    • Thank you! The handbag is actually called the East/West. It’s shorter than the medium flap, but the same length. I haven’t seen it offered in a while, so I think Chanel discontinued the style. It’s great because the strap detaches on one end, so you can tuck the strap inside and carry it as a clutch!

  • I absolutely love the sweater! And your styling is perfect!!! Are you wearing a size XS? Could you please post the measurements?
    All the best from a fellow petite from the other side of the world (=Austria ;-)

    • Hi Katharina! Yup, I’m wearing a size XS. I’ve packed my measuring tape somewhere, and probably won’t find it until after I’ve moved, so I don’t have measurements off hand. It’s a slouchy fit on me, but the shoulders fit nicely. I hope that helps! =)

  • HM63 says:

    Nice! I love the Riley Sweaters. I find them more petite friendly than J Crew’s Tippi.

  • Elle says:

    OooOOO Love the leather details. It’s very rock and roll chic. :)

  • New Petite says:

    I love the leather collar detail in that sweater!

  • Love how the collar detail complements the purse!

  • I’m loving the leather collar as well.

  • Kelly,

    I love your outfit. An unrelated question: how do we find the latest Petite Fashion Challenge?


    Nancy in Quebec City

  • Kelly,

    Me again. I did some shopping today and found some things you might like. I sent you an email to see if you would like me to pick up anything for you. I would love to see you style some of my purchases on your blog!

  • This is awesome i need to find a place that does alterations in houston tx, im a sucker for a good suit. Love your blog keep it up!

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