Grey & Navy Tweed (J.Crew Cafe Capri After Alterations)


Freshly back from the tailor, I’m elated to wear some real pants for once and give my jeans a break. As mentioned in the “before” post, I asked my tailor to slim the legs and take in the waist. Taking in the waist alleviates the need to always wear a belt, or else spend much of your day hiking your pants back up into place. It also makes sure there are no pinches in the pant caused by a belt cinching the extra waist fabric into a bunch. Slimming the leg makes for a much sleeker look, and really changes the look of the pant. It’s amazing how big of a difference a little bit of slimming on a roomy pant leg can do for the whole silhouette.



Outfit detailsBanana Republic shirt :: Banana Republic sweater :: J.Crew pants :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: Valentino handbag :: Kate Spade watch

Altered – Banana Republic shirt has had darts added (to be shown on the blog soon) :: J.Crew pants have been slimmed & waist taken in :: Kate Spade watch has had the band replaced :: Christian Louboutin shoes have heel & ball of foot pads added


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