Tips & Tricks – Leather Care Product Used By Luxury Brands


Figuring out what products to condition, clean or protect my leather accessories always gives me a bit of anxiety. My worst nightmare would be using a product I’ve purchased with the best of intentions, which ends up being too harsh, damaging the finish, or discoloring the dye. Thanks to what I saw not one…but two, luxury brand boutiques using on their merchandise, I’m pretty secure in my new leather care product du jour and wanted to share this great tip.

The stuff is called Cadillac Boot and Shoe Care (the packaging has changed, but it’s the same stuff), and I’ve seen it get pulled out from behind a counter, and used to buff out minor scratches and condition leather accessories in both a Tod’s boutique, and get this…a Chanel boutique. If it’s good enough for Chanel, it’s good enough for me.

How To Use:

  • Use a soft, non-dyed cloth, like a small terry cloth towel, or piece of an old t-shirt. Avoid using a colored piece of cloth, in case of color transfer to your handbag.
  • I always give the bottle a good shake, and then squirt a small amount of conditioner on the cloth.
  • If you’re using on a handbag for the first time, it’s always a good idea to test a very small, not easily seen location on your leather item to make sure no damage occurs.
  • Very gently smooth the conditioner along the leather surface, paying a little more attention to scratches or problem areas. Gently smooth with the cloth until the conditioner disappears from the leather surface.
  • Let dry before putting your item away or wearing (dries pretty quick).

What products do you use to condition or clean your leather items? Any tips?


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