Dolce & Gelato


While out to dinner with Mr. AN over the weekend, I looked down at my outfit and realized I was wearing the Italian men in my life…Valentino, Dolce, & Gabbana. So, we topped off the night with one more Italian delight, gelato! The nutella flavor was tempting, but in the end we shared a scoop of chocolate mocha.


These shoes are rad, but sons of b’s to walk in. I’ve upgraded my 4inch heel walking abilities quite a bit since I first bought them, so I’m slowly getting better, but it’s not quite up to par just yet. All in due time my pretties, all in due time. I think the key will be to find the right ball of foot cushion for the job, since sliding forward in such a high heel seems to be the most awkward part of these shoes.


Outfit details - Zara jacket :: Banana Republic shirt :: Rag & Bone jeans :: Dolce & Gabbana shoes :: Valentino handbag :: Banana Republic belt :: Daisy Knights ring :: Kate Spade watch :: Gorjana bracelet :: vintage brooch

Altered - Zara jacket is a kid’s jacket that has been tailored; Kate Spade watch strap has been changed; Gorjana bracelet has been shortened; Rag & Bone jeans will get hemmed pending a few more washes.


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