Bill Cunningham Shooting New York Fashion Week


I had known of Bill Cunningham for quite some time, but I didn’t truly appreciate his passion for what he does until I watched the documentary Bill Cunningham New York. I find his love for fashion and street style so incredible and inspiring, and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to watch him work the crowd outside Lincoln Center!

It was after watching this documentary that I started to think once more about personal style, the direction I wanted to take, and about tackling the fears I’ve been holding onto.

I’d highly recommend anyone watch the film, which is available at Amazon, Target and on Netflix.


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    I’ve seen the documentary – Bill is certainly a mainstay in the fashion industry and a bit of a quirk too. I can’t believe he still insists on shooting in film!

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    Thank for the recommendations. I will have to check out the documentary when I have free time. Hope you’re having a great time in NYC.

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    Added to my instant queue to watch tonight. Thank you, Kelly!

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    Moira Stella

    “Bill Cunningham, New York” is currently on hulu! My favorite Cunningham line: “He who seeks beauty will find it.”

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    I so love his work! I haven’t seen the documentary yet but I’ve been meaning to.

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    Kathleen Lisson

    I liked getting to know more about him in the documentary. The little details, like the fact that his choice in jacket is very meaningful to him.

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    Wow, a legend in real life! Must have been amazing. I’ll have to watch that documentary!

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