Pocket Squares for Women in Fall 2012 Campaigns


Fall lookbooks, magazines and campaigns are trickling in and I’m so happy to see something I adore getting some love…pocket squares for the ladies.

Set – set-fashion.com

Ralph Lauren – style.com

Tommy Hilfiger – fashionologie.com

Set – set-fashion.com

Hermes – style.com

Donna Karen – donnakaren.com

The look is subtle and clean, but still unexpected and unique on women. My favorite is the straight fold, which leaves just a straight sliver of fabric peeking out of the blazer breast pocket. White cotton is the most versatile, but my current favorite pocket square of my collection is silk burgundy with white polka-dots.

stack-pocket-squareGrowing collection

But as I’ve learned as late, most women’s blazers are not properly equipped to easily fit a pocket square in the breast pocket. Creative folding and smooshing has been required to get my pocket squares to fit these tiny pockets, which is making my recent foray into the world of boy’s blazers all that more fantastic. I wish womenswear designers would make those pockets more functional!

jcrew-womens-blazer Women’s blazer – tiny breast pocket

jcrew-boys-blazer Boy’s blazer – larger breast pocket

Curious about how to fold a pocket square? Brooks Brothers has an easy guide for basic folds.

Pocket square picks:

Will anyone be giving pocket squares a go this fall?


  • With you I also warmly welcome this come-back of the pocket square for ladies! I’ve always loved this style, a bit British with the plaids in the 3rd photo.
    Glad for you!

  • Reply August 14, 2012


    I like it! And it is so you :)

  • Reply August 15, 2012


    Love that striped blazer on you! Here in San Diego it’s been way too hot to wear anything remotely long sleeve. That piece is going to be a must have when fall comes around :-) Hopefully the heat can be wrapped up quick because now I can’t wait to start layering!


    • Reply August 15, 2012

      Alterations Needed

      I so feel you! That’s why the first photo was taken from the much cooler and ceiling fan filled comfort of my living room instead of the sweltering heat outside! So excited for fall. =)

      • Reply August 15, 2012


        What blazer are you wearing in that first photo? It looks great!

  • Reply August 15, 2012

    Rebecca Lately

    Cute! I love the look of a pocket square in a women’s blazer.

  • Reply August 15, 2012

    Phoebe Choe

    Oh I love incorporating menswear into womenswear and i was so excited you posted about pocket squares. Your collection is lovely and I can’t wait to see you post outfits with pocket squares. :)
    Out of curiosity I was wondering how the boys blazer fit? I didn’t think about trying out kids blazer but will give it a shot. :)

    • Reply August 15, 2012

      Alterations Needed

      Thanks Phoebe! Boys blazers fit boxier, but with shorter sleeves to their women’s sized counterparts. They are also heavier constructed, and often have more fun pockets in fun places than women’s. I’m playing with them because I’m having issues finding women’s blazers than fit me in the shoulder, which is a costly and complicated alteration. To avoid this, I’m looking into boys blazers which fit in the shoulder, but will need to be taken in at the torso (due to boxiness), and probably have the sleeves slimmed as well. The short sleeves seem to work out because they allow a peek of a shirt cuff to show at the wrist which is fun, or are easy to cuff/push up because of the shorter length. I’m still experimenting, but so far J.Crew has been better for me than Brooks Brothers.

  • Reply August 15, 2012


    Everytime I see you in in a menswear inspired outfit, I get the urge to try to incorporate some menswear into my closet. I love the pop of color the pocket square add to the blazer.

  • Reply August 15, 2012

    New Petite

    I love the pocket squares! But you are right about the absence of the pockets in the women’s blazer. Guess to avoid the extra fabric and making it look bulky?

    • Reply August 17, 2012

      Alterations Needed

      Yeah, I think you’re right. I’m guessing it’s because not many women want added bulk around the chest-al area, so they either don’t put pockets there, so make them very small to avoid bulk.

  • Reply August 15, 2012

    Mai-Huong Hoang

    I totally agree about the lack of pocket space in women’s blazers! I’ve tried to stuff many a square neck scarf in the tiny space to no avail. The woe of my life.

  • Reply August 15, 2012


    The pocket squares are so cool and you look great with one. Loved it when you did it for the (first??) time last year! It’s not for me, since I don’t wear blazers that often but I do LOVE it!

  • Reply August 15, 2012

    Alissa Futhey

    Be still my heart, POCKET SQUARES are coming back? YES!

  • Reply August 15, 2012


    The pocket squares really finish off the outfits – love them! I’ve been on a sewing kick for the last few days, so my first thought was that it would be easy to create a bunch of fun pocket squares … now I just need the blazer … :)

  • Reply August 15, 2012


    I’m loving the pocket square look, now I have to check to see if my blazers even have a front pocket…hmm

  • Reply August 15, 2012


    Very classy. I like it!

  • Reply August 15, 2012


    Just a little square goes a long way in giving the blazer a sense of polish and sophistication. Will be sitting in the blogosphere audience waiting to ooh and ah your future pocket square posts :)

  • Reply August 16, 2012


    Hey there. Just wanted to borrow a phrase from the 70s and say right on! Re: your comment on IFB about the unfortunate realities of blogger heinie kissing and the even more annoying exectations some bloggers have about more established bloggers returning their insincere attempts at flattery. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about this? I’ve only had my current blog for a couple of years but I too long for a time when the interaction with readers felt more authentic.

    Also off topic, I don’t normally get into men’s wear but I’m loving the looks pictured looks pictured here. There’s no going wrong with beautifully cut jackets and hats.

    (Including a link here since I can’t sign in for some reason.)

    • Reply August 17, 2012

      Alterations Needed

      Thank you so much Sabina! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who sees these things happening. =P

  • Reply August 16, 2012

    Law Moda

    o0o0o0o!! rummaging through my husband’s closet asap

  • Reply August 16, 2012

    The Petite Edition

    What a great idea. That look from Set is just fabulous! Wonderful inspiration.

  • Reply August 18, 2012

    Neck Tyze

    Women for years have been buying their pocket squares from http://www.PocketSquareZ.com

  • Reply August 21, 2012


    Ahh what a great look Kelly! Adds a subtle but interesting pop of colour too!

  • Reply August 22, 2012

    Aubrey Dang

    u know i love menswear! i’m going to pin some of these pics.

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