Olive & Seersucker (with Shoulder Alterations)


As far as seasonal fabrics go, seersucker is one of my favorites. I love the crisp puckered texture and light blue stripes, but most of all, I love the laughs my friends get when I walk up to greet them and they realize I’m wearing seersucker. Somewhere in it’s history, seersucker became a bit of a joke, and that’s really why I love wearing it. It’s so unexpected and ridiculous to most people that it never fails to get a chuckle.




After two years of wearing this blazer, I finally bit the bullet and took it in to get the shoulders narrowed. It can be an expensive and laborious alteration, so if you can avoid it, I’d suggest you do. I have the unfortunate luck of having shoulders that are just a tad narrower than standard sizes, so it’s an alteration I’ve had to do a few times now. If you find yourself in need of shoulder alterations, I’d suggest finding a tailor that specializes in custom menswear, as this tailor will be skilled enough to handle the task.

Here’s a look at this blazer before alterations, as well as a look at what a tailor will do to narrow the shoulder:


I was immediately drawn to the shape and design of this handbag, but when the sales associate unzipped it to reveal a shoulder strap, I was in love. I really love when designers think about versatility and ease of wear of their designs, and being able to not only carry this bag as a tote, but also on the shoulder and cross body is going to make it a wardrobe workhorse.



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Outfit Details – Theory blazer :: Ann Taylor blouse :: J.Crew Crewcuts shorts :: Banana Republic belt :: pocket square from Italy :: Christian Louboutin shoes :: Valentino handbag :: Kate Spade watch (customized) :: Stella & Dot bracelet (c/o) (in silver) :: Daisy Knights ring (similar from ASOS) :: Banana Republic rings


  • Mady says:

    love the outfit!   you’re right, if a blazer doesn’t  fit on the shoulder area it looks awkward…love the belt detail…



  • The cross-body strap is a MUST!  I’m impressed by your bravery to have shoulders altered.  I think I would just give up before I went that far with an alteration!

  • Elle says:

    Your Valentino bag is pretty much perfect……I am drooling all over my keyboard here.

    This is an unexpected pairing (olive + seersucker) but works surprisingly well. You definitely made the right decision to get your blazer tailored. :)

  • TOBeautyReviews says:

    I always look for a crossbody strap with a purse too!

    Oh wow I didn’t even notice the shoulders until I saw the close up pic – I’m actually surprised and impressed you waited 2 years to get it altered! Your tailor did a great job :)

    • Yeah, I was avoiding the inevitable because the sticker shock for shoulder alterations can be a bit…shocking. This year I was finally tired of that big shoulder pad traveling down my shoulder and had it done. =P

  • alice says:

    I bought a Kate Spade bag once that only had handles and no shoulder strap.  After wrestling with that thing everywhere I went (it is kind of tricky to deal with an umbrella, a coat and a bag simultaneously when one enters a restaurant for example), a shoulder strap is now one of my top requirements in a bag.  A+ if it’s also detachable!  Love your new bag, it is perfectly suited to your aesthetic.

    • Thanks Alice! So true! Totes are great & cute when you don’t have to schlep anything else around with you all day, but I find that if a tote has a shoulder strap, I end up wearing it on my shoulder so much more often than carrying it by the handle. It’s just so much easier to live life that way. =)

  • sue says:

    I am glad I found your blog. At barely 5′ tall and 103 lb, I am  limited to petite departments. Thanks for ideas on getting clothes altered so they don’t look so funny  on me. I even found a decent tailor.

  • I love that blazer.  Great alteration!

  • New Petite says:

    You have killer legs! Love the bag and the Blazer fits so well now! 

  • if i could only guess how many times you’ve said you love seersucker, lol!! i feel for you having to get the shoulders taken in. i have the opposite problems and always seem to have too broad of shoulders and the bust then doesnt fit. just cant win!

    • I hear ya! I have broad shouldered friends who always have to size up and swim in a sea of torso fabric. As long as there aren’t any weird seams through pockets a la J.Crew’s Schoolboy Blazer, slimming sides in usually a pretty easy alteration. Plus, you can specify a nice waist nipping in. =)

  • liu says:

     I’m lupin’ your shorts. Did you order the Girl’s Chino shorts in size 12 or 14? I might just get some myself!  

  • lisacng says:

    look really pulled together with this look! I don’t understand the chuckle over
    seersucker. Is it a southern thing? Anyways, I love the material! And love the
    jacket paired with crisp shorts, animal belt and delicious new bag!

  • Mandy says:

    Love love the shoes! What size are these? Are they 100mm or 120mm? I’m thinking of getting these. I love your legs! 

    • Thanks Mandy! They are 100mm and size 35. They are far less comfy than my Simple pumps, but so damn good looking that I end up reaching for these more often. =P

      • Thusdesign says:

        Awesome! Just got myself the simple pumps. Thank you!
        This makes me want to do the same thing to my jacket. I’ve never had clothes altered by the
        professional before. All these probably costs more than $50?

        • Getting the shoulders altered can be expensive, usually somewhere between $75-$125 depending on what tailors in your city charge. Luckily, most other alterations are not as expensive. Good luck if you decide to go ahead with it! 

  • NomNomblingbling says:

    Coming across your blog makes me rethink sizing on clothes I have in my closet haha! I love your shoes and the little detail you added with the leopard belt.

  • jeweliette23 says:

    Love the Valentino bag, I like it with the shoulder strap.

  • I really like this color palette on you :) 

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