BCBGMAXAZRIA knit vest (diff. color), size xxs :: Old Navy sweater, size xs :: AG Adriano Goldschmied Cigarette Stilt Pants, size 24 (needs a hem) :: Cole Haan suede pumps (similar), size 5 :: Chanel East/West :: Sterling Silver bangles :: Honora pearl necklace & jet bead necklace

I love fall merchandise, and after a long spring and summer, I finally feel like I can shop happily again. I’m taking this opportunity to step away from the tried and true petite favorites of Ann Taylor, LOFT and Banana Republic, and explore a few brands that I rarely shop. One of these is BCBGMAXAZRIA, and frankly, I’m not sure why I ignored them for so long!

BCBGMAXAZRIA makes petite dresses that can be found in stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Zappos, as well as size xxs that can be found in their namesake stores. Even in size xxs I find structured items like jackets to run too large in the shoulder, and too long in places like bust and waist details. But, where this brand is spectacular is in knits!

This little knit vest is my first from the brand, but I’m already thinking about what styles I want to pick up next. On this particular piece, I like the drapey soft cotton/modal, the shoulder epaulette details, and the well made pockets (welted pockets on a knit!). I plan to layer it underneath jackets as the weather cools, and over t-shirts when the weather warms up next spring.

I wore this shopping the other day, except with denim skinny jeans. I switched it up with these wine pants today, since I’m loving them lately. My apologies if you’re tired of seeing this Old Navy sweater. As you can see, I may be loving it a little too much as well. :P

BCBGMAXAZRIA can be pricey, but I’ve seen decent deals during major sale time, or you can do my personal favorite, hit them up at the outlet mall (where I found this little knit).  I have my eye on a few little wool belted sweaters that hadn’t quite made it to a good enough discount for my liking, but I’ll be checking back at the outlets after Thanksgiving (be aware of their final sale policy on some items!).

I’ve been slow to shop BCBGMAXAZRIA, but are there any big fans of the brand out there? What are your favorite items to pick up?


  • Sunshine says:

    i adore bcbg. 95% of my dresses are from bcbg ;)

  • Elle says:

    I am a BCBG fan too…their outlet sales are at time unbelievable. I have bought things for 85-90% off before. I don’t pay close to retail for BCBG anymore because the sales are so great at the outlets.

  • What a cute vest! I love the tie detail in back, and it seems like such a versatile piece. I’m heading to BCBG now…  :)


  • I have a few BCBG dresses. It they make me look pretty so I’m saving them for when I have kids…lol

    Cute vest! I see you are sticking with your wine colored polish :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I love that Old Navy sweater so much! Too bad they are sold out online. :( The wine colored pants too… I gotta get some of those!


  • Petite says:

    I have a few dresses from BCBG Generation.  It’s a  less expensive alternative to BCBGMAXAZRIA. I like BCBG because the short dresses actually fall above the knees on me!

  • Love those wine colored pants! Dont have too many items from BCBG but like the dresses.def going to have to try knits now!

  • Michelle says:

    I used to buy a few items from BCBG during college (on mega sale). You are right, they have cute dresses!  Great for holiday parties!

    I have noticed that Dillards tends to have the best deals on this brand.  They usually have an “additional 30% off” or even  “additional 50% off” rack!!

    I JUST got done telling my husband tonight…I want to go to some different stores to see what is out there! I am excited to see what else you search out!

  • I’m a big BCBG fan – love their standard boutique pieces (I get a jersey dress or two every summer…)  more than the so-called “runway” looks, which I find very petite-UNFRIENDLY.  I also agree with you that their jackets just don’t fit smaller-framed people that well.  I tried a cropped jacket one time that looked amazing on the hanger.  On me?  Really overwhelming! 

  • You look gorgeous!! This look is so simple but so Parisian chic!! I love the way you paired the necklaces together and I like the detailing of the tie in the back of your vest. The striped underneath the hourglass cut of the vest works to exaggerate your proportions in an amazing way! LOVE it!!

    As for BCBG I love that the sizing of dresses is always the same, so if you know your size you can shop it online with no problems. That being said I’m an XS/0 in their dresses and I believe I weigh more than the other petite bloggers on PFCs so that doesn’t seem like a good thing for ladies smaller than me. 

  • Anonymous says:

    Whenever I have the chance I hit up the BCBG outlet. I almost always find dress pants or a blazer for approx 30-50 bucks each. I find that the 00 pants usually fit me in the waist but require like 6 inches taken off from the bottom

  • Christina says:

    I am a huge fan of BCBG, but the prices are often too high. Unfortunately, where I now live the closest store that carries the brand is Saks. (Oh, how I miss Atlanta.) They never order the smallest sizes (00 and XXS) – so between the high prices and the definite cost for alterations that I would incur, I cannot justify purchasing items.

  • Christina says:

    I am a huge fan of BCBG, but the prices are often too high. Unfortunately, where I now live the closest store that carries the brand is Saks. (Oh, how I miss Atlanta.) They never order the smallest sizes (00 and XXS) – so between the high prices and the definite cost for alterations that I would incur, I cannot justify purchasing items.

  • Trish says:

    ME ME ME ME MEEE I love BCBG! Especially their dresses but I’m also a big fan of their  plain and logo tees. Unfortunately, most (if not all) of their dresses need to be altered. Also, I never buy number sizes, only xxs since 00 is too big on me.

  • I love BCBG… and often scout the outlets for cute dresses. They make these amazing shift dresses that are easy for us smaller ladies to belt. I’m not as petite as you are but find that I normally wear a “XS” or “S.” Haven’t had to buy anything in a numbered size yet.  I bought one classic black blouse with a tie back that is seriously one of my most flattering work shirts EVER… for super cheap, maybe $20 or so at the outlet! I’d highly recommend that you pursue more with this brand. I’ve found that most of their items are of pretty good quality.

  • Anonymous says:

    I actually have a BCBG dress, brown lace (hahaha of course it’s lace!) that I got a few years ago.  It fits me really well but it’s a *bit* big on top, I need to becareful when wearing it – should invest in that double sided tape stuff ;)

  • Taj says:

    Yes!! I love BCBG and own a few really great pieces from them. Some of the 00s are a bit big for me (I’m 5ft also), but the knit XXS size usually fits really well. Love their dresses for a special occasion. I had a casual-ish beach wedding and ended up deciding to wear one of their white elegant gowns for it! Looked so much better than the expensive cupcake like gowns in bridal stores that swallowed my tiny frame!

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