Have I Ever Mentioned I Love Menswear?

Blouse: Banana Republic Ruffle Blouse, size Petite XXS (altered)
Tank: Banana Republic Factory Store, size Petite XS
Pants: LOFT Equestrian Wool Lean Trousers, size Petite 00
Belt: Urban Outfitters, size S

It’s official, I love these LOFT pants. After a few suggestions from commenters, I tried rolling the pant leg a few times, and now they are the perfect amount of boyish, slouchy charm.

I really liked the combination of ruffle blouse + cardigan + long pearls + brooch that I discovered for this outfit, so I decided to try it again here to add a feminine touch to the heavy texture of the pants.

I was wearing so much grey that I felt I needed something punchy. This LOFT felt flower brooch is a really fun and quirky addition to an outfit, and adds just the right amount of color to this neutral palette. LOFT has another pin this season which I think is really cool, and plan to try and find it at a good deal. Wouldn’t it look great on a blazer jacket?

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  • Reply November 22, 2010


    This outfit is impossibly chic, those LOFT pants look amazing on you rolled up like that. The pop of color from the brooch is the icing on the cake. LOVE!

  • Reply November 22, 2010

    rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued.blogspot.com)

    Love the whole ensemble :)

  • Reply November 22, 2010


    I love menswear too! You wear it so well =)

  • Reply November 22, 2010


    I love the menswear look too but have yet to find the right trousers! I'm hoping that LOFT will have a Black Friday sale so I can try out these equestrian trousers. My shopping cart is all ready! Oh, that flower pin adds just the right amount of color and femininity to the look. I definitely need one!


  • Reply November 22, 2010


    Rolling the trouser a few more times definitely made this outfit more appealing to me than the other post of the same pant.

    Great job Kelly!

  • Reply November 22, 2010


    Dang! I love this outfit. Two thumbs up!

  • Reply November 22, 2010


    Ohh the Suede pumps look great on you! I looove the pearls!

  • Reply November 22, 2010

    Laura Lee

    This outfit is FABULOUS!!!!

  • Reply November 22, 2010


    Excellent! Love the trousers worn that way. ***two thumbs up***

  • Reply November 22, 2010

    Really Petite

    You look fabulous- as always!!! I think there's only a few people that can pull this look off and you are def one of them!

  • Reply November 22, 2010


    I love this outfit on you, the pants are perfect rolled. Plus the brooch adds a nice contrast to the grays…I'm still trying to figure out how to wear brooches, it seems like it makes me look a little matronly or cheesy. How do you do it so seamlessly? =)

  • Reply November 22, 2010

    Alterations Needed

    Thanks ladies!

    kileen – I am so excited for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! I hope AT and LOFT has some good deals too!

    Stylepint – I'm sure you can pull off brooches really well! Your style is fun and quirky, and if you find the right brooch, it'll fit in perfect with your style. You can do it!! =)

  • Reply November 22, 2010

    mich LA

    Wow this might be one of my favorite outfits of your's! Everything works so well and those pants are freaking cute! Plussss, I heart the pearls and grey pumps.

  • Reply November 22, 2010

    mich LA

    Omg, just clicked on the AT wool pants link and they look terrible on the model… They need to pay you to use this photo. HAHA!

  • Reply November 22, 2010


    Nice touch with the brooch!

    Have you heard of preloved? I have a high-waisted skirt from this brand that I found at Anthropologie. It is made using three different trousers. It is my favorite skirt! I need to take a pic for you! I can totally see you loving it!

  • Reply November 23, 2010


    I am all for the "SIMPLE TOMBOY CHIC". You look very lovely.
    Try to pair this outfit with JP Tods penny loafer or your Dolce & Gabbana oxford. Perhaps a fitted oxford button down in pink or powder blue to add a pop of color.
    I wear my PEARLS with almost everything, from a simple white T to a Lacoste polo. (Lacoste polo runs super small, very form fitted and very flattering on a petite).

  • Reply November 23, 2010


    I would be too scared to roll up my pants because I think it will make my legs look even shorter. But you're so well proportioned, this outfit is amazing. I love menswear style for women too.

    Thanks for being aweeeeesome!!!!! I love your blog.

  • Reply November 23, 2010

    Miss. Studios

    Your outfit reminds me of my outfit a month ago. I like to wear flower pins a lot.

  • Reply November 26, 2010


    Oh. my. goodness. This is an amazing outfit! I love every aspect of it. I am also a sucker for menswear, but you wear it much better (your curls add femininity–my sad straight hair does not. :P)

  • Reply December 1, 2010


    Love the outfit! The pants totally lengthens your legs. I never thought to wear trouser pants but I think I may try it out now.

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