Marketplace Added to the AN Forum!

There’s been a few requests, and since the forum has grown recently, I thought it finally time to add a marketplace!

The Marketplace will give everyone an opportunity to buy, sell or trade without the hassle of eBay (or the commissions they take!).

Post your items for sale or trade as a new topic, and then ask or answer any questions in the same thread. Exchange personal information (like email addresses or mailing addresses) by Private Message to keep your information safe.

Be sure to read the Marketplace rules, and please be honest to keep transactions as safe as possible. I’ve included Paypal information to the rules as well, since that’s such a popular way to transfer money.

I’d also love to hear any suggestions or issues you might have with the Marketplace!

Visit the Marketplace here.

Enjoy! =)

Please note: Alterations Needed, and the Alterations Needed Forum is not responsible for any transactions in the Marketplace. Please be honest, and deal at your own risk. Any abuse of the Marketplace will result in a permanent ban.


  • How generous of you to offer the LOFT cardigans at the same sale price you found them at! My opinion though is that your time and effort taken to buy the item, plus your time on completing the transaction/emails/shipping, should be worth something, right? Just like a petite personal shopper does, you should take some commission for your hard work : )

    And yea, paypal fees are a pain, but all merchants have to pay them when they accept credit card payments. Weird thing for me is, after I "upgraded" to accept credit card payments, they charged me the fees even on direct transfers.

  • This is awesome. I like the idea of being able to sell of my items as I don't have blog. Do we need to have ablog to be able to sell? or just a member? I'd suggest to add a How do I look? So we can get help with outfits. Thanks!

  • PAG – LOL. I thought about it, but figured I'd start off with my first sales at the low low price of what I paid.

    Maybe I'll start a mini petite shopping service, in which case I'd have to tack on a small "personal shopping fee". Would anyone enlist my help?

    How weird of Paypal to charge a fee for direct transfers after you upgraded! Seemed like it should be the other way around! I'm still learning my way around Paypal.

    Claud – No, you do not need to have a blog. Just sign up for the AN Forum. That way you can post items, ask questions in the Marketplace, and Private Message the buyer or seller to exchange personal information. Only members can do those things.

  • AWESOME! I've been wanting to sell some stuff on Ebay but was just too lazy to do it. I'll do this marketplace thing tonight! Thanks so much!

  • Yay… you're finally going through with the Marketplace idea! Seems much more friendly than eBay (plus no fees!).

    Jean – I didn't know PayPal charges you for direct transfers too once you upgrade! Remind me not to! :P

  • AN/PetiteXXS – I figured it out…"purchases" will be charged the fee regardless of whether the money is coming from the buyer's credit card, paypal account, or bank account.

    As long as you request the money from the buyer as a "direct transfer" instead of a purchase of a good, the transfer will be free. All my blog sale items were invoiced as purchases hence the fee.

  • PAG – Ahhh…that makes sense. I made sure to say several times in the rules to choose "personal transfer" to avoid fees, so I'm glad you found the same thing. I just found out today that bank to bank personal transfers between the US and Canada are free! Good news for Canadian readers looking for items only available in the US!

  • I'm so glad you decided to add this feature, thank you! I'm sure I'll take advantage of it in the future :) Is it okay to post with stock pics first to gauge interest? I have a few tiny XS/XXSP items that I'm thinking of passing along instead of returning but I'm too lazy to take my own pictures..

  • Hi AN, can I enlist you as my personal shopper? I've been dying to find someone in the US to make purchases for me because sites like Loft does not accept Canadian orders let alone ship to Canada. I signed up recently to your forum as ladyxbug!

  • I agree with Jean. You are very generous. And you are really doing us all a big favor by setting this up. Thank you.

  • This is awesome. I like the idea of being able to sell of my items as I don't have blog. Do we need to have ablog to be able to sell? or just a member? I'd suggest to add a How do I look? So we can get help with outfits. Thanks!

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