LOFT Ruffle Cardigan in Turquoise

A few of you mentioned you wanted to see the turquoise ruffle cardigan from my post on Monday…so here she is…cute hmmm?

Cardigan: LOFT ruffle cardigan, size XXSP (here)
Jeans: Paige Laurel Canyon in McKinley, size 24 (hemmed and waist taken in) (here)
Shoes: Cole Haan, size 5

This cardigan is 30% off during the Ann Taylor and LOFT Friends and Family sale, starting today through August 8th. 30% off everything with code FRIENDS or use this coupon in store, plus free shipping on $100 or more.
Happy shopping!


  • curls-and-pearls says:

    CUTE!!! Very, VERY cute!!! Ooh both those colours are such great colours for any season!

  • Lisa - respect the shoes says:

    Nice outfit! I'm really staring at your jeans and shoes, however – the jeans look like they fit like a dream and those shoes are gorgeous!

  • Mix and Match says:

    The cardigan is a must have! The color in your picture looks better than Loft website. Which one more real? YOu have more pictures for the shoes? Like it a lot!

  • sophia says:

    I want shoes that color!

  • mich LA says:

    Wow that cardi is so cute! I always try on cardis with ruffle fronts and can't pull them off at all! I hardly ever button up my cardigans so it's not very practical to get any with a bunch of things going on, but this looks great on you! Love how it hits your hips perfectly.

  • PetiteXXS says:

    Very cute! Now I don't know which color to get… and I really shouldn't get both!

  • Hanna says:

    Oh my, they are both so nice!!! I agree with PetiteXXS, I don't know exactly which to get now.

  • Alterations Needed says:

    LOL…so now do you ladies see why I'm probably going to end up keeping both? I love both colors and can't bear the thought of parting with either.

    Lisa – I swear by Paige jeans…they are my jean saviors!

    I had no idea my little yellow shoes would cause such a stir. I'll give them their own feature a little later. =)

    Mix and Match – My photo is closer to the actual color. The LOFT website is a little more washed out, the sweater is more saturated than that.

  • PetiteLittleGirl says:

    I love that color on your. I like everything about this cardigan: the color, ruffles and most importantly is the fit. It's rare to see something fits nicely on you. Great find!
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  • PetiteAsianGirl says:

    These cardigans are winners for sure…since they run so small I was debating whether or not to get the regular sz XXS in the charcoal color! I love the look and how it fits on you but just don't feel drawn to the turquoise or pink. Since this is so successfull I hope they make more colors like black, taupe, cream….ahh I'd love a cream!

  • Jackie says:

    Girl, I'm loving that cardigan on you!! This will be great for fall =D

    Now I know I can wear that much ruffle too! lol

  • AubreyOhDang! says:

    I think in the other post, I said I like the pink more, but in store, up close, I actually like the blue more. but both are def keepers!

    @PAG I see that there is gray online, but I have yet to see this color in store. I think I'd be more drawn to the gray too!

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