Sample Sale: Paige Premium Denim in Los Angeles

The Paige sample sale is coming to LA! Yay! Grab discounted jeans in size 24 (and 23 if you can find them…they exist, but they’re rare!), especially in the Laurel Canyon and Hollywood Hills cuts. These are my hands down favorite jeans. They fit in the thigh, which is my problem fit area with jeans. But be prepared to fight me for them…I’ll be there for sure!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hey I love your blog. I'm 4' 10" at the age of 23 — and i certainly share the same frustrations as you do.

    have you heard of the canadian chain: Aritzia? they carry small sizes and their own line (talula babaton/tna) also come in xxs, sometimes even xxxs.

  • Alterations Needed says:

    Hi! I have heard of Aritzia, but have never been. From what I hear, the Canadian girls love it! I see there's one in San Francisco now! Awesome, I'll have to go the next time I'm up there! Thanks for the heads up!

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